Being Vegan in Lisbon, Portugal

Being Vegan in Lisbon, Portugal

As I write this, it’s the final day of a little mini-break to Lisbon, that I arranged for Mr Green V’s 30th birthday! I’ve travelled a lot over the past year, mostly to do with work, so it was quite a novelty to have a proper holiday, with no laptop (!!) and no meetings.

I’m usually extremely busy and always on the go, so this has been the perfect pause in the most beautiful surroundings.

It’s no secret that I hate winter, I suffer from SAD, and with an olive skin tone and North African roots, I need a hearty dose of Vitamin D to keep me feeling my best. You’ll appreciate my utter delight at the glorious Lisbon weather – it’s been around 20 degrees!!! I had actually forgotten what sun and warmth felt like… lost in the Belgian winter…

Vegan Lisbon

Lisbon is a really vegan-friendly city, and I’ve been surprised at just how well many places catered to vegans (especially as veganism wasn’t a factor in booking the holiday, it was just a place Mr Green V had always fancied visiting.

With several vegan restaurants and vegetarians cafes, there are plenty of options for a vegan in Lisbon. However, what has really impressed me, is the fact that so many standard eateries have vegan options on their menus. There’s even a fish bar that has clearly marked vegan options, ranging from hummus and couscous to seaweed salad.

Pretty much wherever we’ve walked (about 20km a day!), we’ve stumbled across places to eat, bakeries with vegan donuts, snacks and more! For a city that is very fish-centric, and even ‘famous’ for eating all of the pig (be warned, that in butcher shop windows you will see pig heads) – that there’s a real dedication to making veganism accessible.

Vegan Food Portuguese Parliament

There has to be a connection with the fact that last year the Portuguese Parliament approved a law stating that all public institutions (schools, hospitals, prisons, universities etc) have to offer a vegan option on their menus. The Portuguese Vegetarian Society promoted a petition that secured over 15,000 signatures demanding these options.

How amazing is that?

We’ve been staying at the gorgeous Dear Lisbon Gallery House, which kindly upgraded our room and gifted us a bottle of port as a treat for Mr Green V’s birthday. It’s a lovely hotel, with excellent customer service, and we were made to feel so welcome, right from our arrival. It’s just a gentle 10 minute walk to the centre, and soya milk was also provided for me at breakfast.

Dear Lisbon Gallery Hotel

Lisbon is a fantastic, vibrant city, with so much to see. I do think we’ve been super lucky with the weather, and I would love to return in the summer, and perhaps head to the beach or visit Sintra.

Below you’ll find some of the food we’ve enjoyed and places we visited, with a short description of each place. Enjoy!


We walked along the front on our way to visit the famous Belém tower

Lisbon rooftops – what a beautiful view!


Vegan in Lisbon

We found a ‘parked up’ tram so couldn’t resist having a little nosey – not the famous number 28 though!

Vegan in Lisbon


Outside the Portuguese Parliament

This is a vegan version of a traditional dish – Francesinha which we had at Ao 26 Vegan Project


Again from, Ao 26 Vegan Project, this was organic tofu, with cornbread crust, potatoes, chestnuts, spinach – cooked with Portuguese spices and garlic!

vegan cheeseboard


And here’s the insane vegan cheeseboard, again from Ao 26 Vegan Project!! (the cubed one tasted just like goat cheese!)

Thai green curry at The Therapist (vegan-friendly), located in Lx Factory, a delightful area full of vegan-friendly shops, cafes and book stores. There’s even a vegan shoe shop there too!

vegan food Lisbon

Stuffed aubergine/eggplant with assorted veggies at The Therapist 

Did you know that Lisbon also has a Christ the Redeemer statue too?


The Monument of the Discoveries


The stunning Belém Tower

Incredible selection of vegan food at Eight concept store


Vegan chocolate cheesecake from Organic Caffe


Sweet potato goodness at Organic Caffe

Tapioca tortilla with veggies and guacamole at Organic Caffe


Super healthy, and super tasty tofu and mixed vegetables at Zarzuela (they do vegan cakes and treats here too!)


The wonderful vegan option (was vegetarian initially, and veganised) at family-run, small restaurant Mercearia do Século


Have you been to Lisbon? What did you think about it? Comment below and let me know 🙂


Rachida x




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