First Impressions of Arbonne

First Impressions of Arbonne

A couple of months ago I was introduced to Arbonne, a vegan and cruelty-free brand that sells cosmetics, skincare and health products. I had heard of them before, but in all honesty, I’ve always been a little suspicious of MLM businesses, 1) because I’ve found the sales people to be far too pushy and 2) I’ve found things to be overpriced in order to cover the commission that team members receive, rather than reflecting the quality of the product.

I’ve seen Arbonne recommended in a few beauty threads in the vegan Facebook groups, but never really thought much of it, until a lady reached out to me after finding my website through a mutual friend.

Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick, one of Arbonne’s Independent Consultants, kindly sent me some goodies to try out, and was really helpful with my 2059359 questions about the brand. Plus, she didn’t try to make me buy anything and was just friendly and helpful!

I’m just going to do a short run through of each of the products I got sent. As they were sample products, I can only go off the short space of time that I tried them, but it was great to test out a range of items and get an introduction to what Arbonne has to offer.


RE9 Anti Ageing Skincare Range:

Not only was this little pack super adorable with its miniature tubes, there was a great selection of the different products:

Smoothing Facial Cleanser

This made my face feel lovely and clean after use – squeaky clean without the harsh dryness that sometimes follows after a thorough cleanse.

Regenerating Toner

Toning isn’t part of my current routine, however I imagine with a little consistency it could end up becoming so, as my skin did feel refreshed and cooled from the summer sun.

Corrective Eye Cream

One of my favourites from the whole sample package, this really hydrated my undereye area, and although I don’t have any wrinkles (thanks to good genetics and oily skin!) it helped my concealer stay on over the course of the day.

Intensive Renewal Serum

I adore serums, and although I do have my set favourites, this is the perfect pre-moisturising step to ensure all the goodness really sinks in.

Night Repair Cream

At bedtime you really need to slather on your moisturiser, and when using this I found the next day my face was silky smooth!

Restorative Cream SPF 20

Since turning 30 (eesh), I’ve been a little more conscious of using products that contain SPF, and I found this product was creamy but not sticky at all and penetrated my face well before I started applying make-up.

Extra Moisture Restorative Cream SPF 20

I have a very oily complexion, and I’m afraid this cream was just far too heavy for me! It’s definitely better suited to those with normal-dry skin.

It’s A Long Story Mascara

 I love this product! Unlike my current mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex) it doesn’t add much volume, but it really makes your lashes look luscious and long. I am lucky in that I do have long ,curly lashes, and many of them too, so for me it’s not an issue to be missing out on the volume. I was also surprised at how different my eyes looked by using an alternative mascara.

Make-Up Primer

 I usually don’t use primer, as I’ve found it clogs my pores and breaks me out, instead choosing to prep with a serum. The sample covered me for about 2-3 days, and I didn’t experience any spots at all.

Shea Butter Hand Cream

 This smells like the scent you’d imagine to drift into your nostrils as you lie on a beach in the Maldives. It’s summer in a tube! Plus, it is so wonderfully moisturising – a permanent fixture in my handbag!

Hair Revitalising Masque

I have very thick, curly, long hair and I do like to treat it to a mask every week or so. I used the sample on the top half and it was left feeling super soft, and once styled it wasn’t as frizzy as normal – hurrah!

Protein Snack Bars

I feel at my best when I’m eating a nutrient-dense high protein, lower carb diet (obviously vegan), so these bars are the perfect snack for those busy and chaotic days. Each bar contains 10g of protein.

Energy Fizz Sticks

 Taken from the 30 Days to Healthy Living Plan, these sachets are to be mixed with water and are meant to be an energy boost in place of coffee or tea. I’m afraid I just didn’t like these, and will definitely be sticking to my coffee.

Infusion Herbal Blend

 It’s true, I probably drink far too much coffee, but how else can I work these long days?!

I don’t have caffeine after 5pm, so this caffeine-free tea was a great option to have post-dinner, it is also meant to be beneficial for the liver and kidneys. It didn’t have a particularly strong flavour, so I just left the bag in the cup as I drank.


All in all, I was really pleased with the selection of Arbonne items I was sent. I am always open to trying new products, even if I’m happy with my current routines. I’ll most probably order a full-size mascara, the eye cream and the hand lotion in the future, and there are some other products that have grabbed my attention after flicking through the accompanying booklet.

To find out more about Arbonne, you visit Barbara’s site here and take a look at more of the products available!


*This review was not sponsored.



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