Keeping Fit On The Go & Introducing FlexFit

Keeping Fit On The Go & Introducing FlexFit

This year has been one of the most hectic I’ve ever had if I’m honest with you. It seems like I haven’t been in one place for too long and constantly working and creating behind the scenes.

Of course, I love travel so I’m certainly not complaining (plus it’s all been research for my book and upcoming vegan city guides – whoop!), but sometimes I feel like (to quote Lord of the Rings), butter (vegan!) spread over too much bread.

I’m hoping that I’ll have more time as we head to Christmas, once my current projects are completed… maybe 🙂

As with most busy entrepreneurs and freelancers, it’s a very different lifestyle from a 9-5. When it’s your own business you think about it most of the time, you worry about everything because it is you who does everything. No holidays or sick days here, you have to keep going.

So. With all this in mind, I’ve been struggling with exercise. Lord knows I love to eat, but the fact I sit down all day for work, I don’t have a commute because I work from home (unless to and from the coffee machine counts as one?), I’ve become increasingly alarmed by my lack of movement, and the impact it will have on my health.

Now I’m winning on the food front, naturally, by being vegan and focusing on whole foods (although I do enjoy my treats too), but I also believe to be truly healthy I need a regular exercise system in place.

Not only is exercise vital in keeping fit and looking good, it is also really great for boosting your mood and melting away stress.

Sounds brill! So, what’s the problem Rachida?

Quite simply, there’s not really any exercise I enjoy doing (apart from yoga and Pilates), and I also think my time is better spent elsewhere. But this attitude can’t go on, and I know I need to work on this mindset.

When I lived properly in the UK, I used to enjoy going to gym classes, and doing circuit training-type work along with personal training. But now I’m split between the UK and Belgium pretty much, with regular travel, it just doesn’t seem cost-effective to join a gym when there will be long periods of time that I won’t use it.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the FlexFit Facebook page and curiosity got the better of me. I soon discovered that Mandy was the founder of FlexFit personal training and after having a look at her page and enjoying the content she shared, I decided to take her up on the offer of a one off PT session.

I loved it.

I’ve had personal training in the past, and I believe for my personality type and body, it’s the most effective way of transformation, and for getting me back into the swing of things. I like the idea that I don’t have to think about what to do next – someone is there telling me and pushing me onwards. I can’t just stop because I’ve had enough; I’m there to train hard for 1 hour – no excuses!

I also think that (if you’re a lady), female PTs understand more where you are coming from with regards to problem areas and how to sort them out.

Mandy offers personal training at Benefit Gym in Macclesfield, UK, and it’s a really interesting set up there, not like a traditional gym. Instead of millions of treadmills and whatnot, there’s much more of a variety of equipment, with a focus on using your body weight, and the weight of individual objects, rather than being stuck to a machine for an hour.

We did various different exercises in our hour together, from the rope wiggles that you’ve probably seen on Instagram (which absolutely kill your arms, in a good way), to jumping, abs, squats with weights and pushing a large trunk around the gym – great for the glutes!

After the exercise section, we had a chat about my fitness goals and did a few tests on fat percentage, weight, hydration and so on. Honestly, I do want to shift some weight and I know although I have lost a fair amount on my vegan journey, the fact I don’t move is slowing my progress down substantially.

Mandy is keen to look at beyond just the 1 hour she spends with her clients, she wants to educate them into why they should eat better, move more, and appreciates that not everyone has a spare 2 hours a day to work out, which is why she puts together effective, practical training plans to fit in with clients’ lifestyles.

If I lived in Macclesfield, I would be very keen to hire Mandy as my PT, but whilst I’m still based elsewhere, my motivation is certainly on the rise as a result of our session.

If you’re looking for some quick workouts that you can do at home, check out two of Mandy’s video workouts here and here.

Book in for a session with Mandy via email or her Facebook page to see how she can help you reach your goals.



Rachida Brocklehurst

Rachida is Founding Editor-in-Chief of Green Vie Magazine, and has worked in editorial and publishing for over 10 years. With a strong background in marketing and PR, she is currently Digital Content Manager at Veganuary. In her spare time, she enjoys international travel with her partner, creating different flavours of hummus and rescuing cats.

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