Mindful Chef – Delicious vegan recipe boxes to your door

Mindful Chef – Delicious vegan recipe boxes to your door

Guys – I have something really exciting to share with you. When I was back in the UK I had the chance to try out two meals from the very kind peeps over at Mindful Chef – and I was not disappointed!

Mindful Chef is a food box company with a difference. The team is dedicated to providing amazing meals that not only taste delicious, but are free from refined carbs and dairy. Oh, and all meals are gluten-free too!

Although there are meat/fish options available, a great deal of the offerings are 100% vegan! What is also really cool is that single person portions are available, with all nutritional information and allergens clearly marked under each option.

I have to say, right now I’m looking at some of the other vegan meals on the Mindful Chef website and I’m getting pretty peckish.


*Goes off to eat some hummus*


I’m back! Each week there are 4 different vegan meals to choose from, and all the ingredients used are super fresh and from local, West Country farms.

Each box arrives with all the ingredients for you to create the meal you’ve chosen, with clear step by step instructions. To save your precious time, all meals take between 20-30 minutes to prepare, and the boxes are fully insulated (the vegan boxes are not insulated with wool, so don’t worry) which keeps your bits and bobs nice and fresh, in case you are out.

I was sent my very own box of vegan goodness, with two scrummy plant-based evening meals for myself and Mother Green V.

Even though I really should, I’m not much of a meal planner; I’m quite a chaotic individual and there’s always more pressing things to be sorting out. What I did really like about my box, was that I knew the next two evening’s meals were sorted , I had all the ingredients ready to rumble, I had the recipe and method, and I knew what I was doing.

Meal 1: Sri Lanken-style curry and broccoli rice


Mindful Chef

The first night I had to prepare Sri Lanken-style curry and broccoli rice. The ingredients came with a card that included ingredients required, the method and also a photo of what the end result looked like.

Can I just say how incredibly cute is the teeny tiny curry pot?

The instructions were clear and easy to follow and within no time was the meal ready.

I hadn’t tried broccoli rice before, but I’m a convert and I will be having it again, as it’s a great alternative to normal rice, and a little more colourful than its cauliflower cousin.

The meal itself was so delicious, flavoursome and rich (in a good, healthy way of course!). Plus, considering I would have usually used rice to stodge things up, surprisingly filling.


Mindful Chef vegan meal

Meal 2: Mezze platter with sweet potato falafels

My favourite type of food is Middle Eastern, always has been, always will be, so I was really happy (REALLY HAPPY) to see that the next meal was a mezze platter with sweet potato falafels. Can we just have a minute here?

Ah. It was wonderful.

Mindful Chef vegan meal

Don’t judge, but I’ve never made falafel before, and it was really fun and satisfying to do so! I honestly wish I could eat this meal every day, because it was so bloody tasty, but again, simple to follow, and it didn’t take ages to create either.


If I could some up my Mindful Chef experience in three words, they would be: efficient, healthy and delicious.

If you want to not only try some different styles of cuisine, but want to learn how to actually prepare them yourself, want to lean or tighten up, and need a bit more structure when it comes to your evening meal, I can’t recommend Mindful Chef enough.


Click here to enjoy 25% off meal options on the Mindful Chef website and look forward to some amazing food coming your way!

Rachida x


PS – catch the latest podcast episode here!




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