Review: Efficient, Delicious Dining At Home With All Plants

Review: Efficient, Delicious Dining At Home With All Plants

This is one for my UK readers, and you are going to LOVE what I’m going to talk to you about! All Plants is an amazing new company I found out about that… wait for it… delivers wholesome, nutritious, plant-based meals directly to your home!!

Don’t judge, but as an extremely busy person I often just find cooking takes up so much time, and it’s precious time that could be spent writing my book or working on my various projects. I don’t feel like this all the time, but occasionally I just fuel up on coffee and away we go!

That’s why I love the concept of All Plants so much; the easiness and simplicity speaks to me, and I know that other people who feel they just need a helping hand in saving time too will appreciate what All Plants have set out to do to.

Even if you’re not a manic busy bee like myself, if you’re new to the lifestyle, or even just want to explore some yummy vegan food and gather inspiration from different meals and tastes, All Plants can help you do so.

Especially good, is that you’ll get no junk food here. Instead, each meal is hand-prepared, created and seasoned with fresh, local produce and then frozen to ensure the meals are fresh and ready for you to enjoy. Plus, the portion-sizes are perfect; not too big that you’d feel over-stuffed, but not too small that you’d be hungry afterwards. Ideal for those of us who want to keep a beady eye on our waistlines.

I was very kindly sent four meals to try:  Lasagne Caponata, Jerk Jackfruit, Super Green Risotto and Moussaka.


Lasagne Caponata

All Plants Review

Lasagne has always been one of those meals that consistently seems to disappoint me. As a vegetarian I always used to find it as the stock veggie dish on menus, usually painfully watery, lacking in flavour and just really basic. As a vegan, it isn’t something I’d tend to pick off a menu as I’m still quite weary. However, Mr Green V’s mum makes a beautiful vegan lasagne!

All Plants Review

Quite honestly, I was slightly nervous at how I would find All Plants’ lasagne, but I have to say I was blown away by the taste. It wasn’t watery at all, it actually had a little sweetness to it which I wasn’t expecting, but I think it was because of the coconut used in the béchamel-style sauce. The vegetables were not diced, instead they were quite big and extremely flavoursome. I LOVED the rich, creamy sauce and I wasn’t even tempted to add any vegan cheese to it!


Jerk Jackfruit

All Plants Review

This was actually the first time I had tasted jackfruit cooked in this way apart from my own attempts, and it was brilliant. Combining sour and sweet tastes with a succulent aroma, it was pretty hard to believe it wasn’t meat. In fact, my Mum who is on her vegan journey, said it was the closet alternative to meat she’d ever had, in terms of taste, texture and the also look. She added that she would be thrilled to receive this meal at a restaurant too!

I found it to be very moist (I really hate it when meat-free meals are too dry, this is why I have never enjoyed nut roasts), and quite spicy. I love spicy food, but if you aren’t a fan of the spice, you might want to avoid this.

There was plenty to enjoy between the 2 of us, and we had a large green salad to accompany the meal. It was filling, but in a good way, with no bloating or nasty ‘stuffed’ feeling.


Super Green Risotto

All Plants Review

 Similar to lasagne, risotto is another stock item you’ll see on a veggie menu, although usually not vegan-friendly. So in the 14 years I was vegetarian before going vegan, I got quite sick of always ending up with a mushroom risotto when dining out at certain places.

I was so pleased I picked this super green risotto though, as it was blooming delicious. Creamy (always a treat), with really yummy rice, it was thick and satisfying whilst being able to taste the fresh, individual greens. It gave me English garden vibes to be honest. I also enjoyed the interesting addition of nuts too.



My all-time favourite meal, my mum used to make a great veggie version, and this was the first time I have had a vegan moussaka. It was sweeter than expected, but perhaps again because of the coconut rather than the traditional non-vegan ingredients for the topping. The potatoes were really lovely, and I liked how they came with their skin intact.

The meal was extremely flavoursome and although I would have preferred more aubergine, it was a jolly fine introduction to vegan moussaka! The top of the dish was beautifully brown, which made my tum rumble considerably!

All Plants gets a huge thumbs up from The Green V; the meals are simply wonderful, everything is so easy and straightforward, the dishes are healthy, well-portioned and you can choose to cook them in the oven or microwave. Plus, it’s oh so efficient. You can cancel anytime and be in control of your delivery schedule with ease.

It’s so nice to see a fully vegan prepared meal company that can bring fantastic and healthy meals straight to your door. Plus there are lots more options that you can chose from too!

Order your very own All Plants extravaganza here!



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