Review: Violife’s Mediterranean (Halloumi) Style Cheese

Review: Violife’s Mediterranean (Halloumi) Style Cheese



Two words. VEGAN HALLOUMI. Yes, for actual years have I been dreaming of this becoming a reality. I used to love halloumi as a veggie, and (no judgement please) I kind of missed it, especially at summer time.

I’d heard a rumour on the vegan street that the amazing people over at Violife were apparently working on a Mediterranean style offering, and I’m VERY happy to say it now exists.

I was kindly sent over some cheesy samples to try out. I also got sent some of the Violife Blu, which will appear in a separate post, so hold on to your hats for that.

So. First impressions:

  • It was really easy to get in to (anyone else struggle with some of the Violife packaging, or is it just me?).
  • It smelt quite cheesy, but nowhere near as strong as the parmesan one.
  • Each packet has two blocks of cheese inside (yes!).


Vegan Halloumi


After trying to remember how I used to cook halloumi, I decided to gently fry it in a teeny bit of water in place of a grill.

It doesn’t take long to cook like this. As you can see, I cubed the cheese before putting it in the pan. Ensure each side is golden and voila!

Mum and I had our cheese as an aperitivo, so I squirted some lemon juice on, a smidge of black pepper and accompanied it with some olives and tomatoes. Oregano would also work very well indeed.


It melts really well, kind of remaining harder on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside. Although it doesn’t ‘squeak’ like real halloumi does, I didn’t find it a problem. Textually, no it isn’t exactly the same, so do bear in mind it won’t be identical to how you’ve encountered halloumi previously.

I noticed it was quite salty, like the original, so perhaps lay off too much salt in whatever you’re eating it with… if you are eating it with anything 😉

I also want to add that my dear mother, who isn’t vegan, said she actually preferred the Violife version to the standard halloumi.

vegan halloumi

What with this glorious weather, I think Violife’s Mediterranean Style Block is the perfect additon to a vegan BBQ, or if you have a vegan/dairy-free guest at your BBQ, why not whip up a kebab using this cheese to give them a nice surprise.

I really liked how there was a recipe on the inside sleeve of the wrapper and I wanted to share it with you.

Violife Mediterranean style

I absolutely love this latest offering from Violife, and I can definitely see it becoming a firm favourite when I’m back in the UK. I’ve also enjoyed it in salads (grilled) and it works a treat.


Violife Mediterranean Style cheese will be available in less than a month in independent health stores throughout the UK and in Sainsbury’s in August!

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