Time to tan: Eco by Sonya

Time to tan: Eco by Sonya

Back in my non-vegan days, I was a bit of a fake tan addict – Fake Bake to be precise. However, after making the switch to vegan and cruelty-free products, and becoming lazy when it came to tanning, I stopped with the faux glow (oh, no). To be honest, as I am half Tunisian, I’m not exactly pale anyway, but my face has always been a couple of shades lighter than the rest of me… strange I know, and annoying.

Anyway, I digress. A month or so ago I decided I needed to be browner – it makes you look slimmer, is more flattering in the mirror’s reflection and basically just gives you a wee spring in your step. And we all need one of those.

Eco by Sonya is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand that offers lots of lovely tanning products. There is A LOT of choice, and it got me very giddy indeed. The peeps over at Organically Epic (Eco by Sonya’s UK stockists) very kindly offered to send me out something to try out and review for you, dear kitty cats and I picked the Invisible Tan, which promises a beautiful, natural looking tan after 8 hours. Oh, and no streaks. Yup. That’s right – no nasty brown marks on your white bedsheets!

The lowdown:

Eco by Sonya is an Australian brand created by Sonya Driver who was inspired to find a formula that was free of artificial chemicals and other things we don’t like, that would provide a sun-kissed glow, without any UV rays. Not only are the ingredients and manufacturing animal-friendly, but most are also organic, and approved by Australia’s Organic Food Chain.

The first time I used the Invisible Tan, I have to say I was quite dubious as to whether it really would be invisible. I applied before bed (after exfoliating and giving myself a good scrub earlier in the day). It doesn’t have that overwhelming biscuity smell that a lot of other tans have. It does have a scent, and I think it does smell a little tan-like, but a lot less strong than I’m used to. The only real negative I have to say initially is that I think it would be a little easier to apply if the cream was brown rather than white/yellow – just so it can show up better on the skin and avoid streaks.

I hopped into bed with a promise to Mr Green V that we wouldn’t end up with tan marks all over the bedding. When morning came, I anxiously checked the sheets and was genuinely surprised not to see any kind of stain whatsoever! Seriously… this is big guys. I’ve always ended up with tan on my sheets, so I was super impressed!

Vegan fake tan Eco by Sonya

So, my new colour was nice and golden, and rather lovely. It looked like I’d had a few days sunning myself in the South of France (yes please). Again, I go very dark in the sun, so whilst this still made my colour look natural, I can imagine the shade will varying depending on your skin’s natural shade.

I was also pleased to see that although the cream isn’t tinted brown, I wasn’t streaky at all. My hands were a little darker than I would have liked, but the next time I used a lot less product and mixed it with my usual body moisturiser and it worked a treat.

The tan lasted on my skin for 9 days before I needed to start scrubbing to remove it. Each day I applied moisturiser to keep my tan smooth and my skin soft. It was a little patchy around the hand and feet area after a few days, so I think it is best to gently exfoliate after a few days and allow it to look a little more blended.

I’ve really enjoyed using this tan – I think the biggest bonus is that it doesn’t stain at all (amazing!), and the consistency is quite thick so I think this bottle will last quite a while. Also, a little gross, but hey I want to be honest here, sometimes I find that when I put fake tan on my face it gets stuck in my pores, and I actually didn’t experience that with this product.

UK kitty cats can order their Eco by Sonya from Organically Epic.

European kitty cats can also order from Organically Epic and enjoy free shipping on orders over £100.00 or you can also purchase the tan through De Groene Drogist.

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Bye for now,

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