Review: An At Home Spa With Stara Mydlarnia

Review: An At Home Spa With Stara Mydlarnia

Mr Green V’s family come from just outside Newcastle-Under-Lyme, which is fast becoming a bit of a vegan hotspot! Mr Green V’s mum discovered a new shop in the centre called True Obsession, and reported back to me that it sells a great range of vegan-friendly products.

Tomasz, the owner of the shop, got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out some of the vegan range from Stara Mydlarnia – a Polish brand that is sold in store at True Obsession.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to get hold of vegan and cruelty-free products on the UK high street (apart from the chain stores), more so in locations outside the big cities, and I feel it’s important to support small businesses when possible, so it’s lovely to see the increase in offerings when it comes to organic, ecological and vegan-friendly products.

The Stara Mydlarnia brand has a range of products that have been inspired by nature and do not have any of those nasty ingredients or parabens. The more I explore the vegan and cruelty-free options out there, the more I’m becoming keen to know exactly what ingredients I’m putting on my face. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to use vegan products, but it’s also important to consider the other chemicals that are included in the products you use.

Now I’m 30 I’m even more anxious about anti-aging and trying to keep my youthful looks – shout out to my round face!┬áStara Mydlarnia says that their products are rich in anti-aging ingredients, offer protection against antioxidant stress and can even improve microcirculation and resistance to harmful external factors.

Although there is a clear focus on the benefits of natural products such as shea butter, argan oil and fruit extracts, the brand wants to encourage an ‘at home spa experience’ – and it works!

I tested out 4 products from the Spa Flower range. My initial thought was how beautiful everything smelt. How can I describe it… it’s a mixture of various summer flowers, you know when you enjoy a walk on a hot, sultry evening, and you can smell the glorious scents of seasonal flowers and herbs? Well, it’s that – and the fresh, luxurious scent you experience when you enter into a spa.

I also really like the packaging – the light blue and floral designs make me yearn for summer… even spring would be nice, but I feel like winter will never end right now!

So, let’s take a further look:


vegan Newcastle Under Lyme

The Body Butter is so rich and creamy you really don’t need to use a great deal for it to be effective. I like how no mineral oil is used in this, so you’re really getting the full benefit of the ingredients, without any skimping. I had an allergic reaction to some magnesium last week and I’ve been using this, along with a couple of other products, to help soothe the skin, and it’s worked a treat.


vegan Newcastle

You might not be able to see them, but this soap actually has little ribbons of rosemary in it, which made it smell heavenly. It lasted a good month or so as the main hand soap in our bathroom, and unlike some other soaps, it didn’t dry out our hands. Just be mindful that it can get a little messy, so if you don’t want the bits to go down the basin, just wipe round it frequently.

vegan shopping newcastle under lyme

I LOVE this. I actually have been using it more in the shower, and it acts as a great exfoliant whilst leaving the skin smooth and soft post-shower. I’m always a fan of efficient products like this – the 2 in 1 combination certainly gets my vote and I will be purchasing this once I run out because it saves so much time.

vegan bath products

The final product I tried out was the Spa Flower Bath Powder. Again, this smells beautiful, and a modest sprinkle of this in your bath will transport you to a calm and peaceful place! This really is an ‘at home spa’ item, so light up some candles, grab a mint tea or glass of wine and relax… The bath powder leaves skin silky soft and moisturised and you might not feel like you need to use a specific moisturiser afterwards. For that added indulgence, apply a generous amount of the body butter from the same rang and leave to soak into your skin.


You can order your own goodies from Stara Mydlarnia via True Obsession, either in person at the store in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, or online through the website here.

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