5 Of The Best Vegan-Friendly Champagnes

5 Of The Best Vegan-Friendly Champagnes

I’ve been well and truly knocked down with the flu for the past few days, but as I’m slowly starting to come back to life, I thought a nice and uplifting post is in order. And what better way to feel uplifted than by talking about champagne?

Yes. I love the all bubbles… prosecco, cava and of course champagne… I always feel chic when sipping on a glass (or une coupe de champagne as we say in French), it’s feel-good, oui?

With Christmas festivities just a few weeks around the corner, if you’re organised and starting to put together your lists for the holidays, then my top 5 vegan-friendly champagnes will help you ensure that your bubbles are without animal products! Of course, perhaps you just want to buy a bottle and indulge anyway and I’m totally on board with that too.

Here are my top 5 vegan-friendly champagnes, all tried, tasted and tested by my fair lips – not all on one night I hasten to add! If you’d like to buy one, I’ve included (affiliate) links – just click on the image that takes your fancy!


Dom Pérignon

I first had Dom Pérignon a few years back as a vegetarian, and to be honest I didn’t really think about how it was manufactured – I just fell in love with the taste. Fast forward to my vegan life, and I’m happy to say that not only is this my favourite champagne by taste, I’m also a big fan of the company’s branding and the design of the bottle, and naturally I’m also thrilled that it is vegan! It’s simple, elegant and yet alludes luxury – just my cup of tea.. or, rather, glass of champagne!

With a whole range of editions and varieties (including a lovely rosé which is perfect for summer time), it’s the ideal beverage to celebrate something special.



A very elegant brand, with a bottle to match, Laurent-Perrier is ideal for soirées of all varieties, or even as an addition to afternoon tea (trust me, it goes perfectly with vegan scones, jam and cream!).



Moët & Chandon

Not only do the bottles of Moët & Chandon look like a beautiful present waiting to be unwrapped, this champagne is perhaps one of the most famous, and you’ll no doubt have seen it in your local wine bars, supermarkets and those all-important duty-free sections in airports.

What you might not know, however, is that not only is Moët & Chandon 100% vegan, it is also wheat- and gluten-free too!



Veuve Clicquot

My second favourite champagne is without a doubt Veuve Clicquot. Not only do I love saying its name (go on, have a little go), it’s so lovely and dry, it really suits my particular palate.

The yellow label is iconic and a symbol of luxurious evenings enjoying fantastic company amidst beautiful surroundings. I’d love to get my paws on the special yellow champagne flutes too as I think they would great for picnics and outdoor celebrations.


Perrier-Jouët (apart from Grand Brut)

The first time I tried this champagne was about four years ago when I left my office job, and my colleagues were so kind to give me some wonderful leaving gifts, including a bottle of Perrier-Jouët and two matching flutes. For this reason, it will always hold a special place in my heart, and it makes me smile whenever I see the bottle.

Just remember that the Grand Brut is not suitable for vegans, however everything else is a-ok!





I’d love to know your favourite vegan-friendly champagnes, so do let me know in the comments below!


Cheers, and a very happy Friday to you (even though I’m still on the hot water and lemon!)

Rachida x


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