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Bonjour my friend, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m a journalist and copywriter by trade and I’m the founder of Green V PR & Communications, a digital marketing and PR agency for sustainable businesses and the hospitality sector, focusing on promoting brands, hotels and locations as green, vegan and vegetarian-friendly and luxurious, as well as providing content and PR support to ethical and vegan businesses.

This year I will be releasing my first book ‘Green is the New Black: How to Live a Luxurious & Cruelty-Free Life’ and my first series of travel guides, focusing on Berlin, Mallorca, Rome, Florence, Milan and Vienna.

As well as writing for this blog, I also have covered travel features in the very popular British magazine Vegan Food & Living, along with my monthly luxury vegan lifestyle column in the publication and I  also ghost write content for a selection of vegan-friendly businesses. Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking at Italy’s leading vegan event, Vegan Days,  and I also proudly moderated a debate at the European Parliament all about plant-based meat alternatives.

I’m dedicating to finding the most luxurious and cruelty-free products to promote and my goal is to show that a vegan and cruelty-free life can be luxurious, with high-end travel, food, fashion, cosmetics and more!  I’ve been vegan for 3.5 years, and was vegetarian for 14 years before that. In 2014 I decided to start a personal blog to provide a place where vegans (vegetarians and the vi-curious) who live in, or are visiting, Brussels can find tasty places to eat, drink and be merry; very merry in fact!

Eventually I wanted to branch out further, and dreamt of creating an international vegan brand which would ultimately make it easier for people to be vegan, especially those who were living in a country or city with limited options, or even lacking support from friends and family.

The Green V™  started life back in December 2015 as an online vegan portal, and I ran it separately to my blog. However, in October 2016 I decided to merge the two to allow me more opportunity to write in my own voice and focus on The Green V’s mission, without any content overlap.

I’ve now combined The Green V™  with Coffee and Vegan Croissants, and I’m excited to enter into this new chapter (huzzah!).

My goal is to show that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gorgeous products, fashion, travel or delicious food – being vegan is a wonderful lifestyle choice, and I want to highlight just how fabulous you can look and feel by choosing a cruelty-free life.

The Green V is here to break the stereotype of veganism, without losing the ethical importance of choosing a plant-based way of living.

Think stylish vegan leather bags and champagne with a side of kale!

It’s my mission to work with brands, businesses and restaurants to help make travelling, shopping and eating out as a vegan, easier and more inclusive when going to non-specialist places.

The world is changing, and the number of vegans is increasing at a wonderful rate; it’s time to reflect this across all sectors – fashion, food, beauty and travel.


Rachida x


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