Review: Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Review: Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

You’ll know by now that I am an utter skincare junkie, which was part of the inspiration behind my luxury vegan subscription box, TGV Luxe Edit. But you might not know that I am also obsessed with haircare. Indeed, there are few things more enjoyable than a night of pampering and trying out fantastic vegan products to tell you, dear readers, all about!

I was sent this Grapefruit Hair Remedy from Alchemy Oils to try out and review earlier this year, and after some consistent use, I’m ready to reveal all (oo-er).

Not only are Alchemy Oils super chic in their packaging and branding, they are also registered with The Vegan Society and certified cruelty-free by Peta. I also like how they cater for afro hair as well. Whilst my hair isn’t afro, left to its own devices I look like a King Charles Spaniel (#northafricanlife), so any extra help to tame the mane is always welcome.

There are no hidden nasties to be found in any of the Alchemy Oils products; just simple oils that are designed to look after your hair properly.

Here’s what Alchemy Oils say their products are all about:

“Combining the age old Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling from India; where they use oils in scalp massage (which increases blood flow to the scalp) for a deep conditioning treatment, with Western hair styling sensibilities (oil/serum hybrids to smooth fly-aways, add shine and heat protect)”.

The products are designed to not only look after the hair you currently have, but to also create an ideal environment for new hair, whilst stimulating growth at the same time.

The Grapefruit Hair Remedy smells beautiful (I actually put it on my face sometimes too, but don’t tell anyone, ok?). Consisting of a mixture of 5 ‘super oils’, this treatment is made with coconut, almond, castor, avocado and grapefruit oil.

Each oil brings with it its own superpowers:

Coconut: helps to fight the frizz and keep those pesky hairs under control

Almond: penetrates the hair, moisturising the shaft from within leaving it shiny and silky. It also protects during heat styling

Castor: already well-known for boosting hair growth, it also helps to regulate scalp pH

Avocado: seals in moisture and even acts as an SPF

Grapefruit: Smells amazing and acts as a natural cleanser and helps to reduce dandruff, and stimulates hair growth

You can use the remedy in a couple of different ways. Either as a 20 minute pre-wash treatment, or a longer overnight mask. Personally, I like to leave it on overnight, really massaging it into my roots and then applying to the rest of my hair.

There’s something rather luxe about spending your evening with a hair treatment on, and it always encourages me to paint my nails, add a face mask, and just generally have some time out. Plus, you get to smell the sweet aroma as you nod off to sleep, which is comforting and therapeutic too.

You can also apply the oil to your damp ends before drying and styling, and use it to take care of fly away hairs as well.

Not only have I found this product really enjoyable to use, I’ve noticed that I now have practically no dandruff anymore. I used to suffer with a dry scalp and it’s genuinely no longer an issue for me! The oil is also very easy to wash out, and I’ve never had any greasy residue left over.

My hair naturally grows very quickly indeed, so it’s hard to say whether any growth has come as a direct result of the Hair Remedy, but when I’ve used the treatment I’m left with luscious, soft-feeling locks – and I’m very happy with that!

Check out Alchemy Oil’s fab range of hair, brow and beard oils here.


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