Bonjour kitty cats. I have just returned from a wonderful few days holidaying in possibly my favourite part of the world: the Côte D’Azur. Last year when I first ventured down to Le Sud, we stayed a night in Cannes, Nice and two nights inland in Moustier Sainte Marie, however for our 2016 excursion we decided to stay in Nice for the duration. I was super pleased to find that Nice was waaaaaaay more vegan-friendly this year too, as 4 vegan restos/cafes have opened up in the past few months, and we even found some vegan ice cream in Monaco… View Post

Hey folks! In my second Inspiring Interview Series, I’m delighted to introduce to you the wonderful Jessica Dornieden – and she certainly knows her stuff about all things tech!  Tell us about yourself. I’m Jess and I am an Online Course Consultant and Tech VA. I am based in London, UK, but I grew up near Frankfurt in Germany. I live with my South African fiancée and our 4 guinea pigs. We are quite an international household, and that’s how we like it. I came to the UK when I’d finished school in Germany because I fancied an adventure, and… View Post

A big part of my life for the past 18 months has been blogging, and this, along with my journalistic background, is why I’ve decided to set up a free Facebook group to connect women from around the world who want to use their writing and blogging to work towards creating a life with more freedom in it. Because, honestly, whatever walk of life you’re from, wherever you currently call home and whatever you do for a living – we all want to feel in control of our lives, and have more freedom. Everyone’s version of freedom is different, but the… View Post

Your website is pootling along nicely, you have a blog section where you write a post when you can, maybe every week, maybe every month. You have a weekly newsletter that you send out to your list, and you try your hand at regular tweeting and Facebook posting. So, why would you want to get published? Well, like many things in life, getting published online or in print is hard. It’s true! It’s not something that everyone can do, and it requires hard work, dedication and commitment. You have to have decent writing skills, you need to be able to… View Post

Something that’s been going round in my head for the past few days is, what is success to me? It’s a big question, but my answer is simple. Success to me is freedom. It’s the freedom of feeling in control of my own life, something which I didn’t have when I worked the old 9-5 game. I want to be free to express myself through my writing and my creativity. I want to choose what time I wake up, what country I live in and how I spend each day – that’s important to me. Some folk dream of having… View Post

A long time ago, when I was a young girl, I used my imagination to disappear from reality. Let me reassure you, I come from a wonderful, loving family – I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. An only child, I was happy to play with my imaginary friends when Mum was working, I had so many lion toys (hello The Lion King obsession) all with their own names and personalities, I was quite happy roaring about by myself. Things started to get difficult when I moved to my second primary school; although I did have a few friends, for… View Post

I’m super excited to introduce the very first of my Inspiring Interview Series. Each month, I’ll be asking some Qs to a inspirational business woman because I feel it’s so important to learn and share what motivates us, as female entrepreneurs. This month is the lovely Csilla Rostas, who is also a dear friend of mine after we met in a business Facebook Group and realised we both lived in Brussels! Tell us about yourself I’m a Hungarian lawyer and legal translator living in Brussels, Belgium. Multilingualism and multiculturalism has been a part of my life since my childhood. I’m… View Post

Over the past few months, I’ve spotted something, and this something has made me feel better about myself: have you noticed that so many entrepreneurs are introverted? Yes, it’s true, but you wouldn’t think it, would you? Take me for example; a couple of years ago, I packed up my little bags and moved to a different country because I wanted to follow my heart and be where it told me to be (ah, l’amour!). Two years later, I’m in Belgium and very much in love. But, when it comes to everyday life, as in meeting new people, going to… View Post

I’m a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, along with various other digital and print magazines, and I’ve worked in publishing for over 9 years now – wow, that makes me feel rather old! There’s much in life that I don’t know about, but when it comes to writing and getting my voice out there, I’m confident that I know what I’m doing. So, here’s the news, guys and dolls. I’m delighted to announce that on 27 June I will be running a free 5-day challenge to help you get published on the Huffington Post, and I would absolutely love… View Post

I’m a bit of a bookworm, and usually have several books on the go, but I wanted to share with you my current favourites. I’m seriously into business books, anything that I feel is beneficial to my growth mindset is a welcome addition to my bookshelf! Also, here’s a top tip – get yourself signed up to ‘Audible’ where you can enjoy a whole range of audiobooks. I like to listen to mine as I clean, because I’m cool like that. 1) Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert If you’re a creative, then you will really resonate with this book; it’s… View Post