This is one for my UK readers, and you are going to LOVE what I’m going to talk to you about! All Plants is an amazing new company I found out about that… wait for it… delivers wholesome, nutritious, plant-based meals directly to your home!! Don’t judge, but as an extremely busy person I often just find cooking takes up so much time, and it’s precious time that could be spent writing my book or working on my various projects. I don’t feel like this all the time, but occasionally I just fuel up on coffee and away we go!… View Post

I often travel between the UK and Belgium on the Eurostar if dates and pricing permit me to. I’ve always found it a much more enjoyable experience than flying direct in to Manchester for a number of reasons, but the main one is that it is (by far) a rather pleasurable journey to take. Of course, as with any international travel, there’s security to go through, passport control and ticket inspection. Yes, you have to get to the Eurostar in good time before your train departure, but not as early as you would for a flight! There’s something almost therapeutic… View Post

    Two words. VEGAN HALLOUMI. Yes, for actual years have I been dreaming of this becoming a reality. I used to love halloumi as a veggie, and (no judgement please) I kind of missed it, especially at summer time. I’d heard a rumour on the vegan street that the amazing people over at Violife were apparently working on a Mediterranean style offering, and I’m VERY happy to say it now exists. I was kindly sent over some cheesy samples to try out. I also got sent some of the Violife Blu, which will appear in a separate post, so… View Post

Last night Mr Green V and I fancied a little treat and decided to have dinner out. As we live in downtown Brussels, the vegan options can be a little limited, which means we often end up going to the same 5 or 6 places if we just want to eat locally. I still spend a lot of time in the UK and it always strikes me as really strange coming back to Belgium and finding that often some restaurants just don’t really care about offering vegan food, or sometimes even vegetarian food, and have a bad attitude when you… View Post

Guys – I have something really exciting to share with you. When I was back in the UK I had the chance to try out two meals from the very kind peeps over at Mindful Chef – and I was not disappointed! Mindful Chef is a food box company with a difference. The team is dedicated to providing amazing meals that not only taste delicious, but are free from refined carbs and dairy. Oh, and all meals are gluten-free too! Although there are meat/fish options available, a great deal of the offerings are 100% vegan! What is also really cool… View Post

I know where paradise is, but don’t worry, I’m not going to keep it to myself! As part of my research for my vegan guide to Mallorca, Mr Green V and I headed to the beautiful Balearic island on a mission to find the best places to recommend to you, my lovely readers. The good news – Mallorca is full of picturesque locations, the bad news – we had to leave and return to Belgium and normal life at the end of our trip. We stayed in the village of Valldemossa, set into the Tramuntana mountains about 20km outside Palma… View Post

The other weekend Mr Green V and I finally checked out MOK Speciality Coffee Roastery and Bar. It’s been on my radar for a while, as I heard on the vegan street that there was some tasty veg-friendly food to be had. It’s located near the canal, past Saint Catherine, on Rue Dansaert. It’s not really an area I’ve visited much, apart from indulging in a cocktail or two at Barbeton – which incidentally has tapas nights every Wednesday and Friday, and lots of it is vegan! The area in itself is certainly experiencing some TLC, and whilst there are… View Post

In the never-ending quest to improve health and sporting performance, more and more athletes are focusing on their nutrition to ensure they are eating right to fuel their activity. Luckily, an ever-increasing number of firms are catering to this growing demand, offering up products that promise to provide needed energy and nutrition in easy to consume, healthy and sustainable products. UK based James White Drinks is the manufacturer of a variety of fruit and vegetable drinks, energy and snack products, and amidst a late winter cycling training regime we recently tested the four varieties of their Zinger Shots, alongside some… View Post

Vegan protein powder and I haven’t had the best relationship. I feel bad for saying that, but it’s the truth. As a vegetarian I loved PhD whey protein – it tasted good, and did the trick. So when I decided to have a whirl at vegan protein, I was so, so terribly disappointed. I found that the blends were either horrible and bitter, waaaaay too artificially sweet, used sucralose (which makes me feel quite unwell) or just didn’t blend properly and went grainy when mixed as a shake. Bad, bad, very bad times. However, In my 2017 mission to become… View Post

The lovely Maria Mekhael is back with part 2 of her healthy nutrition guide for vegans. Missed part 1? Then catch up here. Grab a cup of peppermint tea, get cosy and enjoy!   What are the best sources of protein for vegans? Legumes and pulses are an obvious source of plant protein for vegans (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas) but you can also get protein from nuts and seeds (almonds, chia, hempseed), and wholegrains (such as quinoa, buckwheat, wholewheat bread), as well as soy and products such as quorn and seitan. There are also lots of great vegan protein powders on the market… View Post