Vegan protein powder and I haven’t had the best relationship. I feel bad for saying that, but it’s the truth. As a vegetarian I loved PhD whey protein – it tasted good, and did the trick. So when I decided to have a whirl at vegan protein, I was so, so terribly disappointed. I found that the blends were either horrible and bitter, waaaaay too artificially sweet, used sucralose (which makes me feel quite unwell) or just didn’t blend properly and went grainy when mixed as a shake. Bad, bad, very bad times. However, In my 2017 mission to become… View Post

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, I thought it would be nice to try something a little different, and put together a Valentine’s inspired make up look for you. I was very kindly sent some gorgeous make up items from Guilty Free, a new vegan, organic, natural and cruelty-free make up line that has just launched. Guilty Free sent me a beautiful bronzer, an eyeshadow and a lipstick, so I used my normal daily make up products, with Guilty Free’s trio of beauty taking centre stage. First impressions: I love the pigment of the Guilty Free products.… View Post

The lovely Maria Mekhael is back with part 2 of her healthy nutrition guide for vegans. Missed part 1? Then catch up here. Grab a cup of peppermint tea, get cosy and enjoy!   What are the best sources of protein for vegans? Legumes and pulses are an obvious source of plant protein for vegans (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas) but you can also get protein from nuts and seeds (almonds, chia, hempseed), and wholegrains (such as quinoa, buckwheat, wholewheat bread), as well as soy and products such as quorn and seitan. There are also lots of great vegan protein powders on the market… View Post

Hi folks! So when I visited the beautiful Hencote Estate a couple of weeks ago (read about my time there here) I had a chat with Maria Mekhael, a nutritional therapist who comes to help The Grange’s clients with their nutritional goals. I’m really excited to share this Q and A with you, as she really knows so much about how we can continue to look after ourselves and health through what we put inside our bodies. Next week Part 2 will be going live – so stay tuned!   Hi Maria! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi… View Post

  I am so excited to tell you about the most wonderful two days Mr Green V and I spent at The Grange at Hencote Estate, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I was kindly invited to visit before heading back to Brussels, so it was the perfect time to enjoy some post-Christmas and pre-travelling relaxation. Hencote Estate is tucked away in 65 acres of beautiful countryside just outside of Shrewsbury; close enough to civilisation if you need it, yet far away enough to feel disconnected from the world, in the best way possible. I have to confess, this was my first proper… View Post

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to take better care of my skin. Now then, I always take my make up off at night and I usually drink 2.5-3 litres of water a day – but I’ve had a niggling feeling at the back of my mind that I just wasn’t looking after it the best way I could. I want to share with you my current skincare essentials that I am loving right now. All of the items are vegan and cruelty free – hooray! It can be a little tricky finding vegan and CF products that work… View Post

Hello kitty cats! So Christmas is pretty much upon us, and I feel that there are lots of us who are perhaps feeling a little frazzled, tired and exhausted at the moment. I myself have had a slightly mad week, with feeling under the weather, traveling back home to the UK, and trying to get on top of everything work-wise before giving myself a couple of days off. I also know that for some, Christmas is not a particularly happy time, and life can seem more of a struggle at this time of year. There are various UK Christmas hotlines… View Post

So kitty cats, as promised here is the first of several guest recipes that will be coming your way! Over the next couple of weeks I have some gorgeous recipes from some equally gorgeous ladies who specialise in healthy, delicious meals and treats who have kindly given me permission to share some of their vegan recipes – hooray!  First up we have Lauren Gayfer aka the Fairy Food Mother, who helps busy ladies take care of themselves through nutrition and prioritise their wellbeing. While not exclusively vegan, Lauren’s website has lots of vegan-friendly options (which I’ll certainly be working my way… View Post

I’m having a pretty busy day writing content for the coming days, and as I got up to make myself a cup of jasmine green tea – I suddenly realised that today, 4 December 2016, is my anniversary of being 2 years vegan! I honestly can’t believe it’s been 2 years already. As some of you will know, I went vegetarian a long time ago when I was 12, and now at the grand old age of 28 I feel my decision to go veggie really lay the foundations of my vegan journey, and ultimately shaped my life. Since going vegan,… View Post

Hello folks! Welcome to the second interview in The Green V Entrepreneur Series! Today we’ll be chatting to Aidan Lee, owner of FitRoots – a premium personal training business, and boy oh boy does he know his stuff! Aidan and I worked together earlier this year, and he made such a difference to my mindset, relationship with food, exercise and general wellbeing and I’ve seen a complete transformation in how I think I feel. So, let’s get stuck in!   How did your Vegan journey start? My Vegan journey began around 4 years ago, when I was around 20-21 years old.… View Post