On Friday I had the great pleasure of attending a vegan brunch preview at Cafe Velvet, one of the trendy hotspots in the Saint Catherine area. Myself, the lovely couple from the BelgiumVeganEats Instagram page, and Lorena from The Happy Vegan Bakery had the opportunity to taste test the menu before the inaugural vegan brunch that took place at Cafe Velvet yesterday. It’s fantastic to see more and more places embracing veganism in Brussels, and just in the past three years I’ve noticed a huge leap in cafes and restaurants offering plant-based options. Sure, the vegan scene in Brussels isn’t… View Post

Last night Mr Green V and I fancied a little treat and decided to have dinner out. As we live in downtown Brussels, the vegan options can be a little limited, which means we often end up going to the same 5 or 6 places if we just want to eat locally. I still spend a lot of time in the UK and it always strikes me as really strange coming back to Belgium and finding that often some restaurants just don’t really care about offering vegan food, or sometimes even vegetarian food, and have a bad attitude when you… View Post

Hello kitty cats, What’s new? I hope wherever you are right now the weather is as lovely as it is here in Brussels. The sun is out, the sky is blue and les terraces are full! This weekend was full of delicious vegan chocolate, and I can safely say that today I’ve really stepped up my fruit and veg game! On Saturday, the first two vegan chocolate workshops took place at the wonderful Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier. We had a blast, and it was great to see so many people enjoy themselves! We’ll be doing another one later in the year,… View Post

The other weekend Mr Green V and I finally checked out MOK Speciality Coffee Roastery and Bar. It’s been on my radar for a while, as I heard on the vegan street that there was some tasty veg-friendly food to be had. It’s located near the canal, past Saint Catherine, on Rue Dansaert. It’s not really an area I’ve visited much, apart from indulging in a cocktail or two at Barbeton – which incidentally has tapas nights every Wednesday and Friday, and lots of it is vegan! The area in itself is certainly experiencing some TLC, and whilst there are… View Post

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Laurent Gerbaud of Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier to chat with him about his delicious vegan-friendly chocs! Although not everything he makes is vegan, a great deal of it is, and as you know I love chocolate and I love vegan stuff – so put them together and you have one very happy little Rachida. Belgium is indeed famous for its chocolate, and living right by some of the best-known chocolatiers in the world, I have to admit I do sometimes stare lustfully at the window displays. Although some of them have the odd dark… View Post

Add your own business or favourite vegan-friendly place or brand listing for free here! Watch the intro video here! I’m so proud to announce my latest venture: The Green V Lifestyle Directory! My vision is to provide a service that vegans, vegetarians, yogis, lightworkers, spiritual people and other followers of a holistic lifestyle, where wellbeing is important to them, can basically land in a town or city and be able to find out where to eat, where to buy cruelty-free cosmetics, grab a green juice, where to get quality, non-leather, non-fur fashion, where to go to enjoy a wonderful yoga experience or… View Post

Perhaps you know, perhaps you don’t – but in addition to my blog and copywriting business I also run an online vegan magazine, TheGreenV.com  and I’ve just launched an apparel store as part of The Green V family. With 30% of profits donated to a different animal charity each month, it’s the ideal way to treat yourself to some new clothes and know that you’re also helping a great cause. This month’s chosen charity is the Dr Hadwen’s Trust; the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity and I’ve been following them for a wee while now. I warmly invite you to… View Post

Psssst… do you want to know how you can get delicious, healthy vegan food delivered to your home? Ok… keep reading! I recently spent a week by myself in Brussels, as Mike had gone back to the UK, and I had a mountain of work to get through, it was a case of locking myself away for 7 days and spending it writing, planning and focusing on my business. One evening, by the time I’d finished work, it was too late to go to the shop, and there wasn’t really anything in the fridge that tickled my fancy (oo-er). Enter… View Post

Last night we decided to treat ourselves and have dinner out. It’s actually been a while since we did this, mainly because of the Game of Thrones addiction, but now we’re up-to-date, it’s time to venture out of the apartment in search for food! We also realised that the Ommegang celebrations were taking place, so the plan was to eat, drink, be merry and race back to the Grand Place to have a peek at what was going on. As you know, Mike isn’t vegan but he loves vegan food and is super supportive and respectful of my lifestyle, especially… View Post

I have loved oriental food for as long as I can remember, but I only had Japanese food for the first time last year in London at a sweet little vegan Japanese place called Itadaki Zen – which, by the way, you have to go to next time you’re in the big L. Anyway, you can imagine my joy when Hayato Japan Center contacted me to tell me that they had vegan options – aaaaand that they deliver! Wahhoooooo! Last Sunday, Mike and I decided to partake in a bento box each to accompany our binge watching of Game of Thrones… View Post