Welcome to my new home! I’ve wanted to do this for absolutely ages, and I’ve finally made time to make this happen. I feel a rebrand and a slightly different vibe has been needed for a while and I’m proud to introduce my new blog: Coffee and Vegan Croissants.

Last Thursday was my 28th birthday. Apart from wondering where the past 10 years had gone, the day was perfect. My mum came over to visit for a few days and we went shopping, ate plenty of fantastic food and spent quality time together. Unfortunately, the day after we both became ill – I think this is due to one very rude lady who pretty much sneezed on us (several times) in a restaurant the first night Mum stayed! We planned to go to Antwerp with Mr Vegan in Brussels, but as we were all poorly, we thought it best… View Post

I had never had Ethiopian food until I visited Brussels for the first time a couple of years ago. The first time I had it was as a vegetarian and I fell in love. Since going vegan, I am happy to say that Ethiopian food is just as amazing without cheese and butter. Just before Christmas, Mr Vegan in Brussels and I enjoyed a stroll around the Christmas markets and decided we fancied some Ethiopian food at Toukoul restaurant. Although the restaurant was fully booked for the rest of the evening, a kind couple who were sitting together with their young… View Post

  A firm favourite of mine, AUB.SVP never fails to disappoint when it comes to its delectable vegan nights. I’ve been to two now (and a vegan lunch as well) and I can honestly say how impressed I am at the quality of the food, especially when you think that it isn’t a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant. I also LOVE how I live just 5 minutes away! On this occasion, Mr Vegan in Brussels and I pretty much rolled out onto the street – full, satisfied and in need of a lie down as we’d eaten so much deliciousness!… View Post

  As I write this I’m sipping on a green juice and soaking up the atmosphere in my new favourite place in downtown Brussels. The Sister is a brand new bar that has opened just near the beautiful Grand Place on Rue Chair et Pain. Although the official opening isn’t until 12 September, you can still go and enjoy a coffee with soya milk, or one of the many smoothies and juices. If you’re in the mood for an alcoholic tipple, why not try a gluten-free, organic Belgian beer? There are plans to open a kitchen and I am thrilled to say that… View Post