1:1 coaching for people ready to commit to a healthy, mindful and conscious relationship with themselves and the world around them.

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Hi! I’m Rachida your new friend and coach. I’m a writer, creative, hummus-lover & cat mother

Sometimes life can take over. Running around after other people, dealing with day-to-day errands and tasks can leave us at the bottom of the pile.

Grabbing dinner on the run translates into “I’ll eat better tomorrow”.

You need to disconnect from your computer, but you feel you just can’t switch off.

You feel like a hamster on a wheel, knowing you want to make changes but you just can’t seem to get going.

I understand how you feel.


Do you want to have more control over your lifestyle, but just don’t know where to begin?

Are you lacking the confidence to make a change because you’re scared of failing?

Stuck in a cycle that’s superficial, vacuous and lacking some kind of meaning?

I’ve been where you are.


Feeling like you aren’t ‘living your best life’ can leave you full of anxiety and frustration.

You know you’re destined for different things but you just can’t pull yourself out of the present situation.

Perhaps the partying and lavish living seems empty when you wake up the next day.

You’re left wondering if there’s another way to feel whole and satisfied.

I remember feeling like I was lacking.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed by all that I had to do to develop a good relationship with myself.

I remember feeling guilty for eating certain foods, and punishing myself for not sticking to how I thought I should be living.

I remember feeling like a failure because I was uninspired about my life and trapped by my lifestyle choices.

If you are feeling like the time is right to make that change whilst approaching it from a gentle and kind angle, then read on.

Vegan in Florence

After years of soul-searching, of trying to feel free and get in tune with myself, I finally accepted that I was on a journey. This journey will never stop of course, but making peace with myself was the first step. And now I want to help you.

La V Luxe isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it’s a whole new movement that puts you at the very centre.

Let me help you on a personal level to be kind to yourself, to the animals and the planet – whilst being bloody fabulous at the same time!

I truly believe that a vegan and plant-based lifestyle allows people to thrive in a way that is particular to this way of living.

It’s easy to think a compassionate, ethical and holistic lifestyle can be non-luxurious. You make do, yet miss out on certain aspects of living which you were used to – fashion, eating out, travel, even skincare.

But did you know that this lifestyle can be even more luxurious than you ever imagined? Not only can you enjoy amazing products and experiences, but surely there’s nothing more luxurious than knowing you are treating your mind and body on the highest level? Luxury living is really what we are all striving towards.

Are you ready to live a luxurious, conscious and healthy life?

Are you ready to feel vibrant and in alignment?

Are you ready to develop a unique and compassionate relationship with yourself?


vegan champagne

On our journey together you will feel empowered and you’re going to embrace each step of this process, without guilt or anxiety. Each step is important, and this is not something that can happen overnight.


It’s time to reset your life and feel enriched and amazing.

Enough of resigning yourself to the fact that you’re always pretty stressed.

Enough of feeling like you don’t look after yourself.

Enough of making non-conscious choices.

Say goodbye to feeling like you’re living life on the surface.

You don’t need to feel limited.



vegan life coaching


the green v vegan blog

Let me show you that La V Luxe means you won’t miss out on anything:

vegan croissant

Amazing, high-end food? Check.

 Delicious meals and recipes? Check.

Beautiful products that make you feel indulgent and spoilt? Check.

Travel, holidays and eating out that can still be pleasurable and luxurious? Check!


And most importantly, you‘ll have accountability; someone who knows how you feel, who will be there with you step by step as you enter a new and exciting chapter of your life.


You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here for you.

Vegan life coaching


Together we are going to:

Understand your food story and get to grips with why you eat the way you do.

Create a unique luxury lifestyle concept for you to enjoy and thrive in.

Work towards your personal goals using practical steps to create tangible results.

Get your mindset set for success and positivity.

Give you more time for yourself, with no guilt and no excuses.

Put in place the elements required for you to live your dream lifestyle.

Build on your connection to yourself and to the world around you.

Help you reconcile the conflict between luxury living and a holistic lifestyle. 


Vegan life coaching



la V luxe

There are three different ways we can work together:


Reset vegan life coaching


This is for you if you need a reset, and feel confident that after two weeks you will be able to carry on working on your food habits and your mindset.

The Reset offers you chance to pause and regroup, getting you on the right track and ready for your next step.




vegan life coaching



For people who are ready to dive in a little deeper, who know that now is the time for change and who are committed to creating these lasting changes within their bodies, minds and lifestyles.

The Recharge is the perfect opportunity to embrace a positive future, under the gentle guidance of someone who wants you to thrive.




vegan life coaching



The flagship package is only for those dedicated to enjoying a 3-month transformational journey, who are looking for unlimited support and guidance to make a permanent change and to experience freedom whilst doing so. 

The Retreat is a full lifestyle package that will result in you being truly confident within yourself, but also in your choices as well. Prepare to become the best version of yourself, with no more anxiety, no more uncomfortable situations and no more pushing yourself to the edge.




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