The Freedom Blogging Facebook Group

The Freedom Blogging Facebook Group

A big part of my life for the past 18 months has been blogging, and this, along with my journalistic background, is why I’ve decided to set up a free Facebook group to connect women from around the world who want to use their writing and blogging to work towards creating a life with more freedom in it.

Because, honestly, whatever walk of life you’re from, wherever you currently call home and whatever you do for a living – we all want to feel in control of our lives, and have more freedom. Everyone’s version of freedom is different, but the desire to achieve this can really be a driving force to keep going and move forward, right?

If you are a freedom-seeking, female entrepreneur, who wants to learn more about blogging and writing for your business, then I would love to welcome you to the crew!

Come and join us here.


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