The Italy Diaries: Being Vegan in Milan

The Italy Diaries: Being Vegan in Milan

Day 5

It was with a very heavy heart that we left Florence – I think both Mr Green V and I totally fell in love with the place, and we were really sad to leave our suite at Velona’s Jungle. But we will be back, so watch this space!

We arrived mid-afternoon in Milan, and our hotel, the Starhotels E.c.ho was just opposite the train station, nice and easy! We stayed in a junior suite which had its very own balcony that overlooked some of the city’s skyscrapers and the station. Milan’s central train station is a stunning building, so it wasn’t a bad thing to look out to it from our terrace!

We caught up on some work on the terrace and also a spot of sunbathing at the same time. I just adore working outside, especially in summertime, it’s just so much more conducive to creativity.


That evening, we headed to the only Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant in Milan, Joia. A full review will be up on the blog very soon, which I’m excited to share with you. For now though, I’ll let the photographs do the talking.

Day 6

Our final day was spent exploring the historical centre, which was just how I’d imagined it. Milan is a huge business hub – design, fashion, food – it’s brimming with innovation and the architectural landscape reflects this. Personally, I’m not that keen on contemporary buildings, with my preferences much more in alignment with the older style found more centrally.

It was also quite interesting to walk through the fashion district. Whilst I love fashion, bags and style, I couldn’t help but feel saddened at the leather in so many products, in so many high-end shops. It is bizarre to me that people still view animal skin as something luxurious, and it’s hard to see past that and admire a design.

Once again, I was super impressed with the accessibility of vegan-products, and we ended up popping in to the Mondadori Duomo bookshop; a fantastic arty store for a coffee, only to find that they had vegan croissants too. So obviously we had to have them. Plus, there was a really good selection of other vegan snacks too.

Although we did accidentally end up in what seemed to be the ham district at lunchtime (eek), the neighbourhood supermarket still had plenty of goodies for plant-based peeps.


Milan is certainly more of a business-hub than a typical touristic city like Rome and Florence. Sure, walking around near the Duomo there were plenty of tourists, but once you head out of the centre, the tourists drop off.

It’s also really interesting to note that the Milanese seem much more reserved than folk from the southerly towns and cities in Italy, and much more northern European in approach. I know that may sound like a sweeping statement, and of course people were still kind and friendly, but just more guarded than in Rome for example.

It was VERY humid in Milan, and I think my next visit will take place in autumn when it’s a little cooler. I’m definitely a summer gal, but some locations (busy cities!) are better suited to spring/autumn weather.

I was really impressed with Milan’s vegan-friendliness, and there will be a full breakdown in my vegan guidebook coming very soon!



We flew back to Brussels from Terminal 1 at Malpensa airport. Now usually airports are notoriously not vegan-friendly, but we found this fantastic place in the food court called Russopomodoro, that had vegan options, plus our waitress was vegan too! Considering this was airport cuisine, the food was actually really good, and a fair price too.


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