Knees to Chin: Healthy, Vegan Takeout in Brussels

Knees to Chin: Healthy, Vegan Takeout in Brussels

Psssst… do you want to know how you can get delicious, healthy vegan food delivered to your home?

Ok… keep reading!

I recently spent a week by myself in Brussels, as Mike had gone back to the UK, and I had a mountain of work to get through, it was a case of locking myself away for 7 days and spending it writing, planning and focusing on my business.

One evening, by the time I’d finished work, it was too late to go to the shop, and there wasn’t really anything in the fridge that tickled my fancy (oo-er). Enter Deliveroo! I thought it was time to order my first takeaway in Belgium, but it all hinged on whether I could find something vegan.

I’d heard of Knees to Chin before, but as it’s in an area which I’m never in, I haven’t had chance to visit it. You can imagine the size of my smile when I found them on Deliveroo and saw the vegan options – whoop! Knees to Chin is a cute Vietnamese rice roll resto, and although it serves meat and fish, there are lots of veggie/vegan delights.

I decided to order extra, so I would have something tasty for the next day’s lunch, so I plumped for: 2 caramelised tofu rolls, 2 caramelised pepper rolls and a portion of rice with peanut sauce.

Oh. My. Lord. The food was fantastic, and of course full of goodness and flavour. I enjoyed it so much I ordered it again later in the week!

So kitty cats, if you’re a hungry vegan, who doesn’t want to cook or dine out and need some healthy goodness, get yourself on Deliveroo!

What’s your favourite place to order vegan takeout in Brussels?


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  1. Purva
    26th August 2016 / 1:33 pm

    I am so glad I found this site!!!
    I am visiting for a work related trip and I am a vegan so trying to find out places – and supermarkets in Brussels that I can buy some food from – any suggestion would be great.

    • Rachida
      1st September 2016 / 3:12 pm

      Hi Purva! Thanks so much for your lovely message 🙂 In the city centre, my favourite shop is called Natural Corner, and it has all sorts of yummy vegan treats, ‘cheeses’ ‘meats’ and great snack options to keep in your bag just in case you get hungry later on. The normal supermarkets are actually really vegan-friendly and stock lots of Alpro soya products, as it is in fact a Belgian brand! Del Haize is the one I use the most because it is closest to my apartment. Here you can get nut milks and there’s a really good chilled section with vegan meat, tofu, hummus etc.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      Rachida x

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