Meet The Vurger Co (and their amazing vegan burgers!)

Meet The Vurger Co (and their amazing vegan burgers!)

Hello kitty cats! I’m here with a bit of a treat for you! I want to introduce you to two lovely people who are taking the vegan food scene in London by storm. Seriously, I can’t put into words how much I want to move to London right now! 

Rachel and Neil are the wonders behind The Vurger Co, and I’m proud to say we’ve collaborated to bring you the story behind the vurgers. Note, if you’re hungry, I suggest grabbing a snack now, because by the time you’ve seen what delicious delicacies are on offer, your mouth will be watering!

 How did your vegan journey start?

We really love to travel and Neil had a big birthday looming so we decided to take a road trip to California, little did we know how much this was to influence our lives. Neil had suffered with a stomach illness for all his adult life, so we knew there was an abundance of great restaurants in LA to cater for that.

However, little did we realise just how easy it would be! We found ourselves nestled in the latest café that was serving all day plant-based brunches, an amazing beach side restaurant dishing up the plant-based dish of the day, and we just couldn’t believe how great we started to feel.

So upon returning to London we couldn’t understand why it was so easy back in California, but yet was anything but normal here in London. So we set about watching documentaries and read books on the topic to help ourselves understand a little more.

We then decided to follow a plant-based lifestyle ourselves, first of all cutting meat out of our diets and then shortly removing dairy and all other animal based products. That’s really how it all began!

What inspired you to create The Vurger Co.?

Following on from our story to veganism really, after our trip to LA we returned to London and suddenly it became slightly more difficult to find a great restaurant that had a forward thinking view on plant-based food.

Both being so career-focussed in London, working long hours and travelling a lot, we asked ourselves, where was the plant-based burger menu readily available? Absolutely nowhere! Especially not one that dedicated its menu to highlighting vegetables, which are our true passion, with no weird ingredients.

So we thought if we’re looking for it, there must be others who want the same thing ….and that’s how The Vurger Co was born.

What do you think of the surge in veganism we’ve seen in 2016?

What interests us the most is the new relationship people are starting to have with food. No longer do we just re-fuel without thinking about the ingredients, their origin and their nutritional value – and this is amazing!

People all over the world now have more access to information than ever before, which in turn allows people to make up their own minds on what they should or shouldn’t be eating.

Also the rise of social media influencers displaying beautiful plates of incredible food that just about everybody wants to re-create has had a huge impact. So all in all, it just shows that with a little more information, amazing documentaries and an open discussion exactly how far it can go!


If you had to pick one of your burgers to be your signature one, which would it be and why?

The first Vurger we ever made was called the BBQ Nut, so this holds a special place in our hearts. We were in our kitchen cooking up a storm for hours, tasting a lot of different versions until we finally came to the final spice mix that we all now know and love.

It was creating this Vurger that made us realise how absolutely awesome a veggie burger really can be, simply by highlighting the best in vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts.

What can we expect from The Vurger Co. in 2017?

We have started 2017 with a bang with more pop ups planned throughout January and into February, complete with collaborations and a newly-designed menu. We also have the goal of finding our first permanent space, so we’re working really hard on the design to make sure it’s a space that best represents The Vurger Co for everyone to enjoy.

And where can we try some of your delicious burgers?!

Luckily we have some pop ups confirmed on  14th, 21st, 28th January and  4th February at the Pill Box Kitchen Bethnal Green from 5pm – 10pm. So why not come down and try out our menu? we simply can’t wait to meet you!



Yum, yum and thrice yum!

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Rachel and Neil; 

their vision for the future is fantastic, and they are totally passionate about their business, with their warmth and dedication shining through the work they do.

Be sure to stop by their website, and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Oh, and London peeps –  head down and grab your very own vurger(s!) at the upcoming pop ups!




Rachida Brocklehurst

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