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  • Boringly Good Almond Nulk

    Cold-pressed, cold-pressured and absolutely delicious, Nulk is the ultimate award-winning almond milk. You don’t need to compromise any more – treat yourself to the ultimate non-dairy milk-alternative. High in Almonds and sweetened with dates and nothing else added – it’s healthy as well as delicious. Also available in Strawberry and Mango flavours.

  • Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

    Kinomi (nuts in Japanese) are a line of baked and flavoured nuts; a delicious combination of the very best from mother nature with a helping hand from me (Hiromi). Kinomi are prepared according to the simple ethos of Japanese cooking: take the very best ingredients, add just enough seasoning to lift the flavours and enjoy. Every flavour in the Kinomi range is subtle, refined and sophisticated, enhancing the natural nuttiness with experimental spice blends.

  • Snact

    Wholesome, delicious, food waste-fighting snacks. Our hand made fruit jerky and banana bars are packed with all the nutrition of flawless fruit and help the UK tackle food waste. Vegan, gluten free, with no added concentrates, additives, or preservatives and packed in home compostable packaging so you’re fighting packaging waste too.