Episode 4: The flexitarian debate, Berlin, Mallorca & English tea

Episode 4: The flexitarian debate, Berlin, Mallorca & English tea

Hey guys and dolls. What’s been happening? I’ve been back in the UK for a few weeks and it’s been so lovely to catch up with friends and family, and of course my beautiful cat, Poppy (she’s SUCH a babe). I’m back to Belgium on Thursday and then Italy on the following Monday, so a busy time ahead!

Poppy The Green V CatThe good news is that I’ve finally got my Italian wardrobe sorted… I guess it’s the curse of working from home – the trusty leisurewear uniform that we get used to wearing day in day out. But! I am not going to Rome, Florence and Milan looking or feeling like I’m in my pjs – no way. I’m glamming it up kitty cats, so keep your beadies on my Instagrams here and here for some (unusual) fashion posts!

For now, please enjoy the latest podcast episode. I’m planning on being a little more regular with this, so I’m looking forward to recording more, and also to interview some guests too!

This week, I’m taking about the whole ‘flexitarian’ debate – good, bad, ugly? Tune in to hear what I think about it. Plus, I’ll be chatting about my recent trips to Berlin and Mallorca (more to come in future episodes too!) and, I’ll reveal my ultimate favourite brand of English tea… hold on to your hats, because I just know you’re all waiting with breath that is bated for this one!

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Ciao for now,

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