Pur Natural: Luxury Vegan Beauty Products in Belgium

Pur Natural: Luxury Vegan Beauty Products in Belgium

I’m a little bit in love. I have to admit, I’ve always struggled to find decent, reasonably priced products that are vegan and cruelty-free here in Belgium, which is why if you ever see me on the Eurostar from the UK I’ve usually got a tonne of Superdrug’s B range items with me, and other new products that I want to try out.. There are of course bio shops here that have a selection of suitable items, but they always seem to be really expensive, or (dare I say it) not very good.

When I was contacted by the lovely people at Pur Natural, they told me that are a Belgium-based online store specialising in vegan and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products, my ears well and truly pricked up! I was very kindly sent three items to review and I have been genuinely thrilled with each one. Before I get into each product, please don’t hold me responsible for how much money you will spend on the website – there are some seriously fabulous items on there, and I’ve got my eye on quite a few new treats to welcome into my beauty cabinet!

I feel  need to preface this review with the fact that I’m wearing a kimono, enjoying un verre de vin rouge (organic of course) and have a wondrous smelling face mask on as I type. Pretty bougie, non?

The face mask in question:

Khadi’s Ayurvedic Sandalwood Mask


vegan in Belgium

This smells heavenly. I love a musky scent and this makes me feel like I’m in Egypt, with the sand between my toes and a gentle wind in my hair, with the sweet fragrant scent of jasmine and sandalwood wafting gentle towards me. THIS mask is the one you need when you’re having some you time. Just like I’m doing right now in fact. Relax, unwind, light some candles and get some essential oils on the go.

The mask comes as a powder, and you need to mix it with water to create a paste. I use a teaspoon of powder, place it into the upside down lid, mix with a teaspoon of water, and then maybe add a little bit more water to get the right consistency. Less is more! Remember, you can always add more water, but you can’t take it away, and I’m sure you won’t want to end up using more powder to balance it out!

The directions state to leave on your skin for 15 minutes, if my paste is a little thick, it takes longer to dry, so I usually have it on my face for about 20 minutes. It’s really easy to apply, and works better with finger application rather than using a brush.

I remove the mask with a hot muslin cloth and apply some kind of oil or night cream (at the moment I’m loving this one from Superdrug or this vitamin E oil). Afterwards, my skin feels so smooth and clean, like it’s had a real detox and all the rubbish from make-up and pollution has been removed. It also feels tighter, which is always a good thing!

Evolve’s African Orange Aromatic Lotion


vegan in brussels

The second item I was sent was this gorgeous body lotion. The smell makes me think of summer nights spent amongst friends, with the smell of grass and fresh flowers, good food and fine wine. Don’t you just love how a scent can evoke strong memories? This lotion is actually made in the UK which was nice to see, and I loved the simple yet chic packaging. It’s a really thick consistency, so you don’t need much on, even if you have drier skin. It sinks in so well, and my skin feels lovely and soft after application.

What I loved about this product is that although it is thick, it dries really quickly, which makes it fine to use in the morning after a shower. I personally love to apply products later in the day because it feels like more of a treat.

Oh, I also have to add that Mr Green V absolutely loves this lotion so it’s getting a lot of use! I think I might have to hide it from him…

Madara’s Nourish and Repair Shampoo


Being vegan in Belgium


This shampoo has a very luxurious scent and feel to it. The smell is quite rich, and I love how it remains in your hair even when it’s dried, so whenever you do a cheeky hair flick you get a lovely waft! Mr Green V has also enjoyed using this one, and said it’s his favourite shampoo ever, so high praise indeed!

It has also lasted very well, because you don’t need a huge amount – it lathers up very well (and you know I have super thick and curly hair!). Although my hair is in good condition anyway, I actually found that using this shampoo didn’t make me feel like I needed to bother with conditioner – so I didn’t! And guess what, it’s still super soft!

I also love the branding on the bottle, it looks great in the shower shelf, and it’s a nice design which adds to the premium quality of the product.


I hope you enjoyed my review of these three items. Be sure to check out Pur Natural’s web shop and treat yourself to something nice. They will also be appearing at the Vegan Festival in Belgium next month, so perhaps I’ll see you there!


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