Review: Petits Delices with Dolma Perfumes

Review: Petits Delices with Dolma Perfumes

I am so excited to tell you about a new brand that reached out to me recently. As you know, I love finding new vegan and cruelty-free products to write about, and Dolma Perfumes is one that you need to know about!

Dolma Perfumes is a one-stop shop full of products for women and men, offering candles, body lotion, cosmetics and of course perfume.

Back when I first transitioned to veganism, I was genuinely rather shocked to discover that a lot of those well-known perfume brands use animal substances in their fragrances. Not only is this pretty grim, it’s obviously a problem for those opting to live as cruelty-free life as possible. Plus, many of these brands sell in China, where animal testing is required by law before such products can be sold in stores there.

Although I am now starting to build up a vegan perfume collection, I hadn’t heard of Dolma and was thrilled when they asked to send me some items to try out.

As you can see, there are a fair few goodies to chat about – exciting!


Oriental Lily Candle

First up is this beautiful candle in scent Oriental Lily. This smells gorgeous and I feel like it really uplifts my mood, ya’know?

It’s been helping me work on my book (out in November – whoop!) and I have to admit I’m devastated that it’s burnt out. I love strong smelling scents (unlike Mr Green V) and one of the problems I’ve found with other candles, is that they smell good when you open them up, but you can’t smell much when they are lit! Sneaky!

There are other scents to choose from, such as Vanilla & Fig, Pomegranate & Plum, Pimento & Cranberries, Lavender and Citrus Rush. Some really delicious-sounding fragrances here guys, I’m just not sure which one to plump for next!


Women’s Vegan Perfume Box Set

Dolma Perfume review

This is just the best type of gift, 12 perfumes in such cute trial sizes which allows you to try out all of Dolma’s perfume range before you go in for a full size. As I travel a lot, these were just perfect to take away, especially on my recent trips.

I’m definitely a fan of musky scents and do tend to opt for similar types of fragrance, so it was really nice to try some other smells that I typically wouldn’t have tried. I love having a choice of 12 perfumes to pick from and their size makes it easy to pop one in my handbag so I can stay fresh on the go, without lugging a big bottle about.


Vegan Luxurious Olive Body Cream

Dolma Perfume review

The subtle smell lends itself very well for morning moisturising as the scent isn’t too strong, meaning you can easily layer up with perfume. This product is lovely and thick to apply, feeling very luxurious when rubbed in. It does dry quite quickly though, so you won’t feel sticky when you put your clothes on!


Foot Lotion with Peppermint, Tea Tree & Lemon

Dolma Perfume review

I think feet are so neglected – we walk around on them all day long, and how often do they get a nice little treat? Well, this foot lotion is exactly the thing to put a spring in your step! It is SO comforting, as you’d expect from the ingredients. The combination of peppermint, tea tree and lemon is super soothing on those tootsies, and after going hiking a few weeks ago, this was exactly what I needed after hiking in Slovakia.

I’ve really enjoyed testing out these lovely products from Dolma Perfumes, and I think they will become a firm favourite in my cupboard of cosmetics!

Purchase yours from the Dolma Perfumes website here.




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