Review: Skinny Caffe Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Review: Skinny Caffe Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Last time I was home, I was kindly set a couple of products to review from Skinny Caffe. Whilst I am not a fan of quick fix weight loss gimmicks, I do feel that there are certain ingredients that can be easily incorporated into daily life that can certainly help nourish the gut and iron out digestive issues.

Skinny Caffe offer a range of hot drinks that include superfood ingredients designed to boost metabolism, help curb sweet cravings and help with digestion.

All of the hot drink products are vegan-friendly and also gluten-free too. And some of the ingredients include: L-carnitine, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones and green tea – a superfood, superstar line up indeed!

I tested out 2 products, the Skinny Hot Chocolate in Chocolate and Chilli, and the Skinny Coffee in French Vanilla.

Let’s talk about coffee. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am a bit of a coffee addict, and this has only increased with the addition of a Nespresso machine. Honestly, I really don’t like instant coffee, I am not about that Nescafe life – I need strong, fresh coffee to get me going in the morning, although exceptions can be made for emergencies.

The Skinny Coffee when opened smells really rather nice; it has coconut milk powder as one of the ingredients, which adds to its sweet aroma, and also means that it’s fine to drink black, even if you usually add milk to your cup of Joe.

I have to be truthful in my reviews, and I’m afraid I didn’t love the taste. I am quite particular when it comes to coffee, so it’s not the fault of the product, perhaps just my palate!

However, saying that, when I had the coffee in the morning, I didn’t feel the slightly manic rush of caffeine that I usually do; instead a rather more gentle energy boost that lasted longer than normal. Interestingly, I also found that I wasn’t as hungry as normal following my Skinny Coffee – and I am always hungry!

Mr Green V also tried the coffee, and quite liked the flavour, and I suspect that it would be quite nice as an iced version in summer actually, so I might try that next time we get a hot day… you know, in about 6 months?!

Moving on to the Skinny Chocolate, I really did enjoy the taste. I love hot chocolate; is there a better way to spend a cosy afternoon than with a hot choc and good company? Usually hot chocolate is either a) not vegan or b) loaded with sugar and dubious ingredients which aren’t particularly appealing, so I was really intrigued to see what this was like.

It is most definitely chocolatey, but without the crazy sweetness that you often get. I do like to add some milk to mine (Oatly is my favourite for this, or soya milk as a close second), to make it nice and creamy.

I tend to have mine after dinner, however if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to have yours a little earlier, due to the green tea.

Did I notice any weight loss? I don’t weigh myself (because it’s depressing and leads to all sorts of issues for me personally), but I did notice something very interesting after only a few days…

My bloating pretty much went! I’ve suffered with bloating for years, especially after bread, if food has been reheated, stress, nerves etc, and I also think wheat doesn’t react well with me. I’ve really just gotten used to it, yes I know I should stop eating bread but… well, BREAD.

So I was surprised when I realised that the old digestive system had been behaving itself, and what a joy it was to not experience any bloat!

I probably won’t plunge for the coffee again, although I will certainly use up what is left, but I definitely think I will be purchasing the hot chocolate as not only does it taste delicious, it has been one of only a few things that helps with my bloating issues – which honestly is priceless!

Head to to see all the flavours available and to order yours.


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