Review: Skintifique Cleanser + Lotion for Beautiful Skin – Even In Winter!

Review: Skintifique Cleanser + Lotion for Beautiful Skin – Even In Winter!

Winter is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but my skin gets rather dry at this time of year. My face can always be relied upon to be oily – all year round, whatever the weather, the skin on my arms and legs, however, do not have that pleasure.

Do you ever find that central heating is really drying? I do. Even though my face isn’t dry per se, it hasn’t been feeling its best – and I think it’s because of frequent flying, heating and the horrible cold weather.

The lovely people over at Skintifique got in touch with me and kindly sent me a couple of their products: The Cleanser P and the Moisturising Lotion HP. Both of these products are vegan, and of course the whole range is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Skintifique combines skincare with science, whilst being really transparent about their ingredients. I love this honesty, because it’s really important that brands are upfront when it comes to what is in their products.

This is what Skintifique say about their work:





“Skintifique is a new dermatological laboratory born in Paris (France) and Boston (USA), which develops and distributes extremely pure and efficient dermatological skin care products for people whose skin is sensitive, allergic or under stress (from pollution or dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis…)”

Now, as vegans or vi-curious folk, I assume that you are used to deciphering labels, so when you look at the number of ingredients on standard lotions and potions you might find on the high street, there’s usually a whole host of them – most of which are unpronounceable.

This is why a lot of us prefer to opt for more natural products, that are less harsh to our skin, and I myself am trying to use simple, yet effective treatments, that also have the science to back them up.

Let’s talk about the Cleanser P. I typically wear make-up 3/4 days of the week. Now, I love make-up, but I also like give my skin a rest, and I also work from home most of the time, so I don’t need to worry about frightening anyone (Mr Green V is used to my au naturale visage, of course!).

When I do wear make-up however, the worst, worst, worst thing is when I’m tired and ready for bed – but I still have to take off all my make-up, and then do my evening skincare routine. Ugh. In reality it only takes 10 minutes, but it just feels like a huge chore.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the Cleanser P makes make-up removal a treat! Seriously, it is so efficient at taking off every last bit of product, it is amazing! Even after wearing lashings of mascara – it’s still easy and quick, without rubbing or failing to take it all off (don’t you hate eye make-up remover that doesn’t do its job?!).

Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of looking forward to taking off my make-up now, instead of dreading it and seeing it as a necessary evil!

I also like to use the Cleanser P first thing in the morning. I just pop some on a cotton roll and wipe all over my face. I really recommend that you cleanse your face when you wake up, especially if you are of an oily disposition. It’s very important to wipe that oil away, after all you’ve been sleeping and sweating all night! It also wakes you up and makes you feel a little fresher than you otherwise might!

The Moisturising Lotion HP is just as majestic. Not only does it last absolutely ages, it is super hydrating, without being sticky, greasy or leaving you feeling oily. You don’t need to use much product for it to be effective.

As I have a troublesome area around my jaw, when it really flairs up I slather some of this lotion on, and it really calms everything down. Mr Green V has a teeny spot of psoriasis and said that the Moisturising Lotion HP helped to provide needed nourishment and improved it whenever he tried it (I’m still working on him putting together a skincare routine – but we’re getting there! ;-)).

The lotion also works well as a base layer beneath make-up. I’ve never had good experiences with primers, preferring instead to use a moisturiser and then a tint, rather than a full foundation.

I’ve been really impressed with the Skintifique products, and I will definitely be using them again and look forward to trying out the rest of their range.

Find out more about Skinifique on their site here, and you can also order yours via UK Amazon here.

Speak to you soon!


Rachida x




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