Skinny Prosecco is my drink du jour

Skinny Prosecco is my drink du jour

I’ve always been one to enjoy a glass of bubbles, whether it be champagne, prosecco or cava, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about sipping on a cold glass of something special as you relax after a busy day, or enjoy a catch up with friends.

Sadly there are some wines and sparkling wines that are not vegan-friendly, which is particularly annoying. So when I found out that Thomson & Scott’s Skinny Prosecco not only offers just 7g of sugar per litre (compared to the standard 12-12.5g) but is also suitable for vegans, I just had to try some.

I was very kindly sent out a bottle to review last time I was in the UK, so with the sun making its grand appearance in the north of England, I took to the garden to investigate Skinny Prosecco further.

I have to say I love the branding of this product; not only is Skinny Prosecco a memorable and ‘current’ name, but the actual design of the bottle is very chic and stylish.  Call me strange, but I really like the bottle shape and it reminds me of Dom Perignon, although it is by no means identical.

It looks good, very instagramable in fact. But does it taste good?

Vegan Prosecco


Well, in a word. YES.


My sparking wine (and indeed non-sparkling) tastes have always been dry – the drier the better. I’m also not a fan of that sugar residue that is sometimes left on the teeth after drinking sparking wines and champagne. Non.

Skinny Prosecco is very dry, and it is actually the driest prosecco I’ve had to date. It’s also really fizzy, and what is wonderful is that the fizziness remains into the second day (hurrah!). Don’t you use hate it when you lose the fizz

Not only is it dry in taste, but it is rich in flavour and scent. Closing my eyes, feeling the sun on my face and gently sniffing my glass before sipping, I felt like I could have been in Italy. Ah.

I was genuinely surprised at how deliciously satisfying the Skinny Prosecco is, I had expected it to almost taste ‘watered-down’ due to the lower sugar content, but it was in fact better than any of the other proseccos I’ve had previously. Dare I say, this is The Green V’s number 1 prosecco?

It’s very quaffable, and I can see it becoming a firm favourite, especially thoughout the summer months. Although it is rather fizzy, it didn’t give me hiccups or an uncomfortable tummy which I can sometimes experience with sparking wine.

Thomson & Scott offer vegan certified Skinny Champagne Grand Cru Brut and Grand Cru Rosé which I absolutely will be ordering next time I’m home. I love how this company is transparent as to the process and ingredients it uses in its myriad luxurious treats, all under the watchful eye of Amanda Thomson, who was raised vegetarian and sugar-free too.

If you want to enjoy delicious sparking wines, but don’t want all the sugar that usually comes with this indulgence, then Skinny Prosecco is definitely something to consider.


Skinny Prosecco is available in the UK at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and via their website here

You can also enjoy it at selected restaurants and hotels such as Four Seasons and Zizzi’s restaurant chain (perfect with a vegan pizza!).  


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