I’ve been well and truly knocked down with the flu for the past few days, but as I’m slowly starting to come back to life, I thought a nice and uplifting post is in order. And what better way to feel uplifted than by talking about champagne? Yes. I love the all bubbles… prosecco, cava and of course champagne… I always feel chic when sipping on a glass (or une coupe de champagne as we say in French), it’s feel-good, oui? With Christmas festivities just a few weeks around the corner, if you’re organised and starting to put together your… View Post

Boy oh boy have I got a treat in store for you! If you’re still looking for a bit of Christmas vegan inspiration, look no further – I have you covered. Lucia Vimercati is one of my vegan friends from Brussels – a yoga teacher and fantastic chef. Enjoy! Chef’s note: Christmas and New Year festivities are approaching. Why not celebrate them with a tasty cruelty free menu? Here is my proposal for a five course menu, entirely vegan. Aperitif Apple prawsecco with kale chips For the prawsecco mix 750 ml water kefir* with 100 ml apple juice *If you are… View Post

Hello kitty cats! So Christmas is pretty much upon us, and I feel that there are lots of us who are perhaps feeling a little frazzled, tired and exhausted at the moment. I myself have had a slightly mad week, with feeling under the weather, traveling back home to the UK, and trying to get on top of everything work-wise before giving myself a couple of days off. I also know that for some, Christmas is not a particularly happy time, and life can seem more of a struggle at this time of year. There are various UK Christmas hotlines… View Post

Evenin’ all! I just wanted to put together a short but sweet post to personally invite you to join the free Facebook group that I run. I know Christmas time can be a bit confusing for vegans old and new, and what with the new year edging closer towards us, I want to focus on creating an inspiring and safe community of people who are there to support anyone thinking of making the switch to veganism. You can join the group here! There are also some fun new designs up on the swag store – I hope you like them.… View Post