It’s no secret that Italy is my favourite country, and if you’ve read the Italy Diaries from the blog earlier this year, you’ll understand a little about why I am so obsessed with it. I first went to Rome almost 3 years ago, just before I went vegan, so it was wonderful to return in 2017 as a fully-fledged vegan, on the hunt for some plant-based Italian goodness. Rome is very vegan-friendly, and I firmly recommend taking some elasticated trousers with you because you will eat a lot. Even though a location is vegan-friendly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll… View Post

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Instagram Stories, you’ll have seen I’ve been in Italy for the past week. Well, Italy is well and truly my spirit animal, and I’m now back in Belgium, feeling a little sorry for myself and also feeling a little run down after being on the go, non-stop for the past couple of weeks. I’ve always adored Italy, since my first visit when I was 7, right through to teen travels there, and then of course my adult explorations in recent years. I suspect it’s that delightful Mediterranean charm that attracts me, the… View Post

Ah, Rome. Possibly one of the most romantic, passionate and beautiful places on the Earth. Gelato, pizza, pasta, wine… you’d be forgiven for thinking this city wouldn’t be too welcoming to those on a plant-based diet. However, you’ll be surprised at just how vegan-friendly Roma can be – you too can enjoy all the aspects of Roman life, leaving the city with a full heart and a very full stomach.   Where to go  There are some fantastic vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Rome, and of course the food comes highly recommended. Here are some of the best: Universo Vegano… View Post