TGV Accreditation Membership

Are you are a hotel, restaurant, retreat or café that offers vegan options?

Yes? Fantastic! Then I would love to invite you to join The Green V Accreditation Membership.

My goal, in alignment with my international vegan directory, is to highlight those restaurants, eateries and hotels that cater for, and understand, the vegan lifestyle.

There are two levels of benefit:

One: Vegans, vegetarians and the vi-curious will be able to identify you straight away as a suitable place to go, without the stress and worry of what could (and often does) go wrong when dining out or holidaying.

Two: You will be part of a community of like-minded businesses, receiving monthly newsletters, quarterly meal inspirations, appearing straight in front of new and engaged clients/customers – and of course much more!

How does it work?


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a personal email from me, asking for the best address to send your TGV approved sticker to!

You’ll also receive the TGV approved logo to use on your website and an invitation to add your featured listing to The Green V Directory.

Each monthly newsletter goes out on the first of each month.



The Green V Accreditation Membership


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