TGV Bites Back Podcast: Episode 3

TGV Bites Back Podcast: Episode 3

The latest episode from The Green V Bites Back is now available on iTunes! Search for “The Green V Bites Back” in the Podcast app or click here.

You can also listen via Soundcloud here.

In this episode I have a co-host – the wonderful Mr Green V and we’re talking about Carnage, the mockumentary about a vegan Great Britain, set in 2067. It’s available on BBC iPlayer here (oh, and you have to watch it – it is fantastic!).

Next, we move on to talking about my upcoming book, The Contemporary Vegan, as we explore why I want to write a book, the message behind the vision and how I want to impact the lives of both vegans and non vegans.

The Contemporary Vegan Book

Pre-order my book here and get super exciting bonuses like:

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