Valentine’s Day Make Up with Guilty Free

Valentine’s Day Make Up with Guilty Free

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, I thought it would be nice to try something a little different, and put together a Valentine’s inspired make up look for you. I was very kindly sent some gorgeous make up items from Guilty Free, a new vegan, organic, natural and cruelty-free make up line that has just launched.

Guilty Free sent me a beautiful bronzer, an eyeshadow and a lipstick, so I used my normal daily make up products, with Guilty Free’s trio of beauty taking centre stage.

First impressions:

I love the pigment of the Guilty Free products. The colours are strong (and you know I like a bold look), the products last for hours, and they feel light on the face. To be honest, after flying last week, my skin is not in the best shape, so I was a little nervous about trying new products, but I’m thrilled with the results and my skin is pretty happy too!

Here’s what Guilty Free say about their products:

“Our makeup up is non-comedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t block pores so allows skin to breathe. And, combined with 100% natural ingredients we have formulated our makeup to offer amazing benefits, including the ability to manage problematic skin such as  acne, eczema, rosacea, or those sensitive to sunlight following invasive procedures like chemical peels”.

Can we just take a minute to admire the pigment please?



As I am half Tunisian, I have quite a yellow and olive skin tone, so please bear that in mind when you see the shades that I use, oui? I often struggle with things like highlighter and bronzer in particular, as so often products are geared toward more pinky/peachy skin tones.


So, let’s get stuck in to this make up look!



Foundation has never suited me and to be honest, I’ve always just worn concealer to cover up any dodgy areas until I started using the Elf Studio BB cream in shade Nude! I bought it on a whim, but I love it! It’s got an spf of 20, has a light, but buildable coverage, and preps the skin nicely ready for more product.










I like a light concealer to help cover up the bags under my eyes and the Urban Decay Naked in shade Light is the best one I’ve used – pre-vegan included! 



I just like to fill them in a wee bit, although if I let them have their way, they would be halfway down my face. #mixedraceproblems. Seriously, does anyone else get curly black eyebrows? No? Just me then… *slinks away*. I’ve used the Tropic Skincare Brow Define Palatte in shade Bistre for a couple of years now, and it’s a firm favourite. I don’t use the accompanying highlighter as it doesn’t suit my skin tone, and I found it gets speckled with so much of the brow powder it wouldn’t be usable anyway!



Again from Elf the Intense Ink Eyeliner works a treat, is easy to hold and control and hasn’t dried out yet! Hooray!



I absolutely love the Satin Eye Shadow in Bronze from Guilty Free, I enjoyed having a heavier eye, and it lasts for ages. I’ve found a lot of powders do tend to slide off after a few hours, mainly as I have quite oily skin. But this little beaut stayed on strong!


I know there’s mixed feeling in the vegan community about Too Faced since they were bought by Estée Lauder. However, I had it before this happened, and to be quite honest, I think it is important to buy vegan products from non-vegan companies (or those that have non-vegan parent companies) as it shows demand, and that’s where we can instil change. Even Alpro is actually owned by a dairy company. Anyway – that’s just my opinion! The Better Than Sex mascara is fantastic – but note that the waterproof version has beeswax in, and as such is not suitable for vegans.



The Golden Mineral Bronzer is stunning. If I could be a bronzer, well… this is the one I’d choose to be. It’s champagne coloured and gorgeous. I did feel it worked better on me as a highlighter actually, but I think on someone fairer (or less yellow!) it would work a treat as a bronzer. Again, it lasted all day without a touch up, and gave me a lovely little shimmer.






I’m currently trying out the Barry M Make Me Blush in shade Fairy Cake, but to be honest, I won’t be buying it again as it just isn’t pigmented enough and I have to put so much on to make any sort of difference. Next time I’m going to go for Guilty Free’s Pink Blush instead!





Winter is always a little terror to my usually smooth and soft lips, so I made sure to exfoliate and moisturise before applying this deep colour from Guilty Free in shade Sensual. I tend to usually go for nudes or pinks, but what with it being Valentine’s, a red, more dramatic lip was required, and I actually really like it. I applied it using a lip brush, which gave me control over how much I was putting on, and I could build up gently to the full colour. My luscious new colour lasted through 2 coffees, a lunch salad and a bath – until it started to fade – pretty damn great!


Guilty Free review at a glance:


Extremely affordable and great for people who don’t have a big budget to spend on products, but who care about vegan, cruelty-free and natural products.


Fantastic! As you can expect with handmade items, you can tell a lot of care and effort has gone into the making of these products, and I love the pigment and shimmer!


Absolutely! In fact, as I type this the eyeshadow and bronzer haven’t rubbed off at all – and I’ve had my face on for over 9 hours.

Would I use again?

Of course! I’m excited to try out a blusher and perhaps a lighter lipstick for everyday.


Shop the look:

Satin Eye Shadow in Bronze

Golden Mineral Bronzer

Lipstick in Sensual






Rachida Brocklehurst

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