A Vegan Birthday In Brussels

vegan birthday

Last Thursday was my 28th birthday. Apart from wondering where the past 10 years had gone, the day was perfect. My mum came over to visit for a few days and we went shopping, ate plenty of fantastic food and spent quality time together.

Unfortunately, the day after we both became ill – I think this is due to one very rude lady who pretty much sneezed on us (several times) in a restaurant the first night Mum stayed! We planned to go to Antwerp with Mr Vegan in Brussels, but as we were all poorly, we thought it best to stay in Brussels and keep warm.

I haven’t had a cold for about 2 years, and this has really knocked me! Today I am feeling better, but still quite unwell, and sadly had to cancel my yoga class – I didn’t want to go there and make everyone else ill too.

I thought it would be nice to show you where we ate, and what we ate on my birthday.


Le Pain Quotidien

I have the luxury of living 20 seconds from the Galeries Saint-Hubert and Pain Quotidien have soooo many vegan options it is fantastic! I just hope that one day they will introduce a vegan croissant – seriously, this needs to happen.

We had breakfast here two mornings in a row.  I noticed they even do a vegan brunch, so I’ll definitely be trying that when I’m feeling 100%.

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My favourite type of cake is a Black Forest Gateau, but I haven’t had one since going vegan, until my birthday. And just look at it – amazing! It tasted incredible and was the best one I’d ever had. I ordered it from FLOCKfoods, a 100% vegan bakery who will cook you up the cake or pastry of your dreams and deliver it to your home or workplace. I huge thank you to the über talented Julie for making THE BEST CAKE EVER and the lovely Pascal for organising my order and bringing it to my apartment. The first of many, I think!

vegan birthday


The Sister

Just off the Grand Place, this cute bar offers vegan options (hurray!) and all their drinks are organic, with gluten-free options too. I opted for the Vegan Antipasti – and it was deeelicious! Mezze food is my favourite, and I’d much rather nibble away at several different things than one big bowl of something.

birthday lunch

Dinner (or Tea if, like me, you’re from the North of England!)


A firm favourite of mine is AUB.SVP, and by lovely coincidence my birthday fell on their latest Vegan Night! These nights are becoming so popular and booking up so quickly, it is amazing to see that so many people are interested in plant-based food. Let’s hope more restaurants in Brussels catch on and start offering vegan dishes soon!

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More posts coming  soon – because of my birthday and then illness I’m a little behind with everything, but the next article is going to be very exciting….

Ever heard of Acroyoga? Stay tuned 😉



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