Vegan Food @ MOK Coffee, Brussels

Vegan Food @ MOK Coffee, Brussels

The other weekend Mr Green V and I finally checked out MOK Speciality Coffee Roastery and Bar. It’s been on my radar for a while, as I heard on the vegan street that there was some tasty veg-friendly food to be had.

It’s located near the canal, past Saint Catherine, on Rue Dansaert. It’s not really an area I’ve visited much, apart from indulging in a cocktail or two at Barbeton – which incidentally has tapas nights every Wednesday and Friday, and lots of it is vegan!

vegan food MOK BrusselsThe area in itself is certainly experiencing some TLC, and whilst there are few areas where I probably wouldn’t walk alone (especially at night), it’s nice to see new shops, bars and coffee places popping up here.
We headed down on a Saturday afternoon, and it was no surprise that MOK was full, except for a couple of seats near the food preparation area, which was fine. It would have been nice to sit in the main area, which has very eco, wood-style décor and cool items on bookcases, but maybe next time.

The people working there could identify our English accents (quelle surprise, eh?!) and spoke to us in English, which I have to say is always easier when dealing with food questions and ingredients. They were also very friendly, which can be a rare quality in Brussels eateries!

I opted for a cold brew coffee, as I’m trying to get into drinking black coffee, rather than strong coffee with a bucket load of almond milk, and Mike had the coffee of the day (hot).

I have a bit of a thing about avocado at the moment, so when I saw avocado toast on the menu, it just had to be mine. Mike opted for the carrot spread on toast. Food was served quickly and it was cool to see it being prepared.


vegan food MOK Brussels


vegan avocado toast


My avo-toast was huge – a beast! And it was bloody delicious. It was more expensive than Mike’s, and a fair bit larger too – Mike was eyeing it up somewhat, so I gave in and gave him some. I’m nice like that.

Although the food really was very tasty, we did feel the menu was on the more expensive side. I have to also say that the food isn’t all vegan, some items have honey in and some of the cakes and croissants are non-vegan. I think this is a shame, as it would be a huge selling point to offer vegan-friendly pastries. However, I am really pleased to see that there are lots of vegan options!

Will we go back? Yes probably, although it is a bit of a walk from our usual stomping ground, but it’s great to know that if we’re in that area and feeling peckish, there is a place to offer us sustenance.

Toodles for now,

Rachida xx

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