Vienna, Bratislava & a Luxury Vegan Subscription Box

Vienna, Bratislava & a Luxury Vegan Subscription Box

Well it’s been a minute or three since my last post so I thought I’d put ‘pen to paper’ as it were and check in with you lovely kitty cats. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you will have realised that a lot has been going on recently.


luxury vegan subscription box

First of all I am thrilled to tell you that I’m launching a luxury vegan subscription box that will be available in October. But! If you click here, you can enter a competition to get your paws on a free box each month plus the new range of vegan cheese from my friends over at Violife. Hurry though, the competition ends in just a few hours!

Next week you will be able to pre-order your box, but there will only be a limited number available so please watch this space and keep an eye on my social media for updates. If you enter the competition (which I sure hope you will!) you’ll be the first to know when the boxes are released!

Click here to enter the competition!

I’ve also set up a page to help fellow vegan-friendly business owners make positive steps forward in their digital branding. Each Tuesday I do a live video on a different topic every week. You can also join the brand spanking new #veganbizchat over on Twitter every Thursday from 7-8pm UK time. Simply search for the hashtag or follow the account here.

In other news, I spent a glorious weekend in Austrian capital Vienna, staying at the grand and historic Hotel Bristol, which is incredibly vegan-friendly. I’ll be doing a full hotel review and of course you’ll be able to find all the Viennese gossip in my upcoming Vegan Guide to Vienna. But for now, let me tell you that the breakfast was simply fantastic, and so was the vegan afternoon tea! Please go and book to stay there – go now, ok?

vegan breakfast Vienna Hotel Bristol


Vegan afternoon tea Vienna Hotel Bristol

We then left Austria to spend a few days in the High Tatras, a gorgeous mountainous region in Slovakia, near the Polish border. It. Was. Beautiful. Plus I found some goodies in the small supermarkets there as well – I was so happy. I also want to say a huge thank you to Martina who runs the Pension Tatrasport Zampa where we stayed. Not only was she really kind and helpful, but she and her team made sure I had something different for breakfast each day, and each time it was delicious! She even got me some special vegan Slovak bread, as traditional recipes use milk and eggs. (Book through this link and you can earn £15 cashback. This is an affiliate link).

High Tatras Slovakia

We climbed one of the mountains on our first full day, well, almost to the top. It was VERY rocky underfoot, and whilst the views were really stunning, I realised that I’m more of a forest and lake kind of girl. In fact, I moaned so much when we were hiking I think Mr Green V wanted to throw me off the mountain! Anyway, 6 hours later it was all fun and games as we laughed at what an utter berk I was. Especially in comparison to the giselle-like Slovaks that trotted up and down the mountain like they had been doing it for years. Well, I think they actually have been doing it for years, and it was really sweet to see the little ones going up there with their families.


High Tatras Slovakia

Yes friends, I felt like a very small, , rather hairy, Middle eastern lump.


From the mountains we drove down to Bratislava and spent two nights in the city. I was so excited to find plenty of vegan places, and also lots of standard eateries that cater to vegans – which was amazing. I of course love 100% vegan places, but it really does impress me to find restaurants and cafes that are aware of different dietary requirements. We even found a place that made traditional Slovak food but veganised! This (below) is Bryndzové halušky from Re:fresh Club. Check out this recipe from the blog From Belgium wit loof to recreate it yourself!

vegan food Bratislava


Bratislava is beautiful, and I really recommend you think about going. I just wish we’d had more time to spend there as it felt like everything was pretty rushed. A moment of relaxation, however, was enjoyed at the Grand Hotel River Park when I had a luxury massage that actually managed to destress me. The hotel’s Zion Spa uses nail products from Sparitual; a completely vegan and cruelty-free company which I have fallen in love with!

vegan food Bratislava


A big thank you to the Vienna Tourist Board and Visit Bratislava for providing me with press kits and travel cards that made venturing around the cities much easier!

More in depth travel content to come shortly – so hold on to your hats!

Normal blogging will resume soon, and next week the podcast will also be back after the summer break. The next episode will feature an interview with Wendy from the Vegan Nomad.

Speak to you soon folks!

Rachida x


PS – here’s the link to the competition again!




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