Why you need to unplug

Why you need to unplug

Bonjour kitty cats.

I have just returned from a wonderful few days holidaying in possibly my favourite part of the world: the Côte D’Azur. Last year when I first ventured down to Le Sud, we stayed a night in Cannes, Nice and two nights inland in Moustier Sainte Marie, however for our 2016 excursion we decided to stay in Nice for the duration.

I was super pleased to find that Nice was waaaaaaay more vegan-friendly this year too, as 4 vegan restos/cafes have opened up in the past few months, and we even found some vegan ice cream in Monaco too! Naturalment, I’ll be doing a full report on what you need to know as a vegan in Nice/Monaco very soon though – so keep your peepers open for that!

This post has been swirling around my head for a while now, but after a pretty stressful August, for various reasons which I shan’t go into, I decided that post-holiday was the best time to discuss why it is so important to give yourself time to unplug – without feeling guilty.

Some of you will know that in addition to my Wordaholics coaching and copywriting, I also run an online vegan magazine, have a vegan clothing range that raises money for animal charities and also work as a part time editor for a UK news firm. All in all, this can see my working week often going past the 50 -hour mark, leaving me one very tired Rachida! Bring in ‘normal things’ like maintaining a social life, a relationship, family commitments and time for myself, and I was just feeling horrendously overwhelmed. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working for myself, I love the entrepreneurial spirit, the wonderful people I’ve met on this journey, and the never-ending generation of new ideas and plans for my businesses, but I realised that I was deeply neglecting myself. I ended up having several severe migraines over a short space of time, mouth ulcers (ew!) and couldn’t sleep properly.

Is this what I want my life to be? No.

As all business owners are, I am extremely driven to succeed. Whilst many of my friends are having babies and getting married, I want to grow my businesses, travel and save as many animals as possible in whatever way I can. Of course, I’m certainly not saying that one way or the other is better – no siree, we are all different and desire different things from life (although I would like to get married one day ;-)). But the way I look at my life and what I want to achieve affects the amount of pressure that I put myself under on a regular basis.

And I know I’m not the only person who feels this way, right? Perhaps you too feel overwhelmed, stressed out that you have so much to do, to tick off your list but you  just can’t get through everything. There’s never enough time. You stagnate. Everything outside of your business comes second, because your business is what pays for your life. There’s just no time anymore.

Well, I’ve decided to make a big, hairy change. I am going to dedicate more time for myself, without feeling guilty for not being glued to my laptop and I think you should too. Because you know what? You’re going to get much more done, to a much higher level, if you’re not constantly running on empty. Unplug for an hour a day – take yourself for a coffee or wine date, go to that exhibition you keep seeing advertised, switch off your phone notifications and snuggle up on the sofa with a steaming hot cup of tea and get lost in one of your favourite books.

You deserve it.

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Rachida Brocklehurst

Rachida is Founding Editor-in-Chief of Green Vie Magazine, and has worked in editorial and publishing for over 10 years. With a strong background in marketing and PR, she is currently Digital Content Manager at Veganuary. In her spare time, she enjoys international travel with her partner, creating different flavours of hummus and rescuing cats.

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