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Are you ready to put more ‘vegan’ in your business?

Are you confused by what vegans actually eat but want to provide delicious options for them and attract more customers as a result?

Do you have a vegan business that needs a little online ‘va va voom’ to increase conversion and sales?

I want to help you get into the right publications, ensure your website copy and social media are doing your brand justice, and work with you to provide the best options for your vegan customers, whilst getting you in front of your target audience.


Rachida – journalist, cat mother, vegan, hummus addict

As a professional journalist with almost 10 years of editorial experience, I know what works, and what doesn’t in terms of marketing, press releases, editorial and online promotion. Plus, as a vegan (and before that a vegetarian since the age of 12) I understand and have lived through the struggles of trying to find suitable food, searching for ethical companies to buy from, and travelling all over the world in the hunt for the best vegan shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels that will happily accommodate different dietary needs.

We are moving into a world where the percentage of people who identify as vegan and vegetarian is surging, and not only do they want to know they are accommodated for, whether through dining out, shopping, or hotel accommodation, they are also looking for a higher quality than people necessarily assume.

The days of a simple green salad with some olive oil are over.

The days of no vegan options in your restaurant are over.

The days of stylish, modern and luxury vegan-living are here, and I’m going to help you grow your inclusive, vegan-friendly business!

By working with me I can:

  • Put your business in front of a vegan audience, who I know will love what you do and be eager to support you.
  • Provide gentle and professional guidance on how to get into the press, online and print publications, in order to reach a wider clientele (hooray!).
  • Show you how to improve your online presence and put together practical, effective strategies that will give you visible results.
  • Craft on brand, authentic copy for your business, without losing your voice.


The world is changing, and the best time to hop on board and join the revolution is now – your business will thank you for it, and together we can make a difference.

Are you in Europe or the US? I also accept dollars and euros, so don’t panic, is our friend.

Have a question? Then I have an answer! Please email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh, and my Media Kit is ready and waiting to be sent to you; all you have to do is ask 🙂

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